Friday, August 3, 2012

FREE ICR FR Motif Pattern

As requested, here is the pattern to my ICR FR (interlocking chain-ring with floating ring) motif:

This motif is of 5 interlocking chain rings with a floating ring thrown off each ICR.  You will need 2 size 7 needles. The thread I'm using is Valdani size 8 pearl cotton in M21 "Treasures".   The counts for each ICR are as follows:
R 15 (FR 9 sm- med- sm- 9 cl) 15 CL

To begin the motif, cut a long length of thread with a needle at each end.  R 15 on needle one, then place needle two at the base of the ds on needle one and tat the counts for the floating ring.  Your work should look like this:

Now, run needle two through the stitches, snugging up the floating ring neatly.  Use your fingers to smooth it if necessary, finish tatting the remaining 15 ds on needle one.

Close the ICR and move on to the next.  Your work will look like this:

Again, the first 15 ds are on needle one; 9 sm- med- sm- 9 on needle two.  Close the floating ring as before, shaping it as you go.  Place the remaining 15 ds on needle one.

Close the ICR.

This is what your work will look like at this point.  Continue tatting the last three ICRs & voila.

I am planning to expand this motif into a pendant/brooch and will probably post it in a week or so.
Hope you enjoy this motif!

Well, I am off to run some errands before the weekend.  May you have a marvelous weekend full of tatting fun.  I will be playing in the woods in my Jeep for a bit, then I plan to tat away on some new motifs.  Until next week~
Happy Tatting!


  1. I really like your star!! Those colors are great!! :)

  2. This is very interesting, Rachel! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Very interesting I will try and see if I can try this pattern with a shuttle if I get time over the weekend

    Have a lovely weekend

  4. This is a very clever technique. With an extra "leg/arm" it would make a very pretty snowflake, too. I can't wait to try this one. Thanks for sharing.