Tatting Info

As requested, here are some helpful links:

General Tatting Info/Forums:

An online tatting community that is full of folks who will be glad to help regardless of technique- needle, shuttle, cro-tat, etc.

A forum dedicated to needle tatting.

Another online tatting community for needle & shuttle tatters.


An online store catering to the needs of tatters.  They carry a wide array of needles, shuttles, threads & patterns/books.

Another online specialty store.

A needlework shop located in Norphlet, AR.  Ms. Pat carries a wide selection of threads and tatting supplies.  *This is one of my favorite stores to visit!*

This online store features some tatting supplies, but I absoluetly LOVE the needle art tools and scissors they carry.

Primarilly an embroidery and cross-stitch specialty store, they carry some of the most fantastic hand made scissors I've ever seen.


This is my personal favorite thread to tat with!  The Luxury Pearl Silk is a special love of mine.  Their pearl cottons are nice,too.  I use Valdani thread for a number of reasons:  it is 100% COLORFAST guaranteed, the threads are artisan hand dyed, the colors are beyond compare and add intrinsic artistic value to all my projects.  This thread simply makes my fingers happy!!!!!

This is a soft thread, but the colors available make it a delight to design with.

This is a wonderful option for tatting.  They use DMC perle cotton as the base and dye it.  It works up beautifully.

Sulky offers a wide range of threads.  The Blendables line and size 12 quilting cottons are my favorites for tatting.

I taught needle tatting for many years, but have no desire to teach now.  I prefer to focus my time and energies on designing and tatting original, one-of-a-kind pieces.  That being said, I DO demonstrate my work on occasion and am always glad to point someone who desires to learn in the right direction.  There are so many wonderful tatting videos and tutorials on the web already!

For those who wish to learn needle tatting, I recommend Barbara Fosters "Learn Needle Tatting" book and kit.  She even has a dvd available. 

For advanced needle tatting techniques, I encourage you to check out the Needle Tatting forum listed in the links above.

Georgia Seitz runs the Online Tatting Class and is a fantastic resource for tatters.  Georgia is a true gem in the tatting world and gladly helps all who wish to learn.