Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crunchy Acorns

Good morning, dear readers!
It is so nice to feel human again!!!  My head no longer aches and I can finally breathe- aah... relief.
As I was walking in the backyard yesterday, each step was accompanied by a very crunchy sound.  When I looked down, I discovered that the ground was absolutely littered with tiny green acorns.  They usually don't fall quite this early.  Still, I couldn't resist picking some up and admiring them.  I went back to the Atelier and tatted this motif:
I used size 12 Valdani pearl cotton in M80 and a few vintage beige Czech seed beads.  The motif began with 4 ICRs and has an anchoring round tatted about it for additional layered tatting- which I will be working on today. 
Here it is again turned a bit differently.  What do you think I should call this one?  And- what do you think I should put in the center for an accent?  Hmmm... lots to think about.
If you have not left a comment indicating which prize package you'd like on the Blogversary Celebration Giveaway post, please do so soon as the winners will be announced here on August 29th, 2012!!!
Since I'm feeling so much better, I think I'll put on my running shoes and take the dogs for a run in the woods before getting down to tatting business in the Atelier.  Hope you have a great day!  Until Friday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. That is totally awesome!!! I love the look of the picots in the arches!!! :)

  2. Rachele, it seems to me a filigree motiv. So I suggest you to sew a vintage filigree button in the center!
    Compliments for your tatting

  3. Glad you are feeling better as a fellow suffer I get the big sigh of relief as your head clears. The centre is looking great. I love watching what you create with all your bits and bobs.