Monday, August 27, 2012

Corney Lake Adventure

Good morning, dear readers!
I had a fantastic weekend.  Jim took Friday off just for us to have some special time together.  We took Jocelin to school, then headed out on a Jeep adventure.
Tucked into the gently rolling, Piney Woods of North Louisiana is a state wildlife area called Corney Lake.  Horrible name, yes, but it is an absolutely gorgeous area.  The lake is surrounded by cypress trees that butt up to the Piney Woods I so adore.  We saw several whitetail deer, a huge swamp rabbit, several cranes and herons. 
This is the quiet spot close to the fishing dock where I tatted a while.
The logging roads around the wildlife preserve are great for playing in my little Jeep.  We meandered along these roads all morning. 
About lunchtime, we happened upon a clearing and had our picnic.  It was so relaxing!  After lunch our adventure continued.  There were loads of wildflowers blooming and along some of the trails there were these interesting puffy flowers:
I haven't had any luck identifying it in my Louisiana wildflowers book.  Any ideas?
Jim and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the Jeep, then headed home.  We did get caught in a shower- not exactly something you want to do when the top is off your Jeep!  After wrestling the hardtop back on, the rain quit.  Typical. 
Jim had another surprise planned for me.  We cleaned up and went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant.  Yes, Friday was AMAZING!
Saturday, the bead order finally arrived.  I was up to my eyeballs in Swarovskis, cultured pearls, Czech and Japanese seed beads, and jewelry findings.  The remainder of the weekend was spent organizing and laying out my work for the week ahead.
Well, I had better get busy.  The Atelier is very well stocked and work is waiting.  Have a marvelous day and remember:
Leave a comment on the Blogversary Celebration Giveaway post indicating which prize package you prefer before August 29th!  The winners will be announced on the blog that morning.
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Lovely beads. A what beautiful arrangement, I am so glad you had a super weekend.

  2. Your Corney Lake adventure sounds lots of fun and the pictures you posted were so nice! I think I can help you identify the flowers ---- it is called Buttonbush. It's an aquatic shrub with small, white, tubular flowers forming globuse "balls." It likes swamps and the borders of ponds and streams. Found this info in "The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers." Looking forward to seeing your new creations which are always so gorgeous!

    1. Jean,
      Thanks for the ID on the flowers! I have an Audubon field guide to wildflowers, but Jocelin has misplaced it. The Wildflowers of Louisiana has something similar in it, only it's pink and looks smaller. never can tell what is going to happen in our swamps and bottomlands!

      Let's hope I can get some tatting done in between prepping for Isaac! It seems I'm out of a lot of supplies- candles, animal feed, bottled water, etc.