Friday, June 28, 2013

FREE Bridal Filigree Earring Pattern

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
Here is the very basic foundation for a lovely pair of earrings featuring a finding from Fire Mountain Gems and fabulous Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S49 (Subtle Elegance).
I also used antique beige Czech seed beads and 3mm crystal AB Swarovski bicones for accents.  To begin, string 1 seed bead, 1 Swarovski, 1 seed bead onto silk 4 times.  Run needle through hole near top of finding and tat as follows:
CH 5 very sm - 3 - (with 1 seed bead, 1 Swarovski, 1 seed bead) 3 very sm - 5 CL + to corresponding spot on other side of top of finding.
CH 3 very sm - 3 CL + to hole in finding next to side filigree motif.
CH 4 very sm - 3 - (with 1 seed bead, 1 Swarovski, 1 seed bead) 3 very sm - 4 CL + to corresponding spot on motif of finding.
CH 3 very sm - 3 CL + to hole at the bottom of finding
CH 5 very sm - 3 - (with 1 seed bead, 1 Swarovski, 1 seed bead) 3 very sm - 5 CL + on other side of bottom of finding.
Ch 3 very sm - 3 CL + to hole in finding next to side filigree motif
CH 4 very sm - 3 (with 1 seed bead, 1 Swarovski, 1 seed bead) 3 very sm - 4 CL + to corresponding spot on other side
CH 3 very sm - 3 CL + to beginning of tatting.  Tie knot, place dot of jeweler's adhesive to silk, then cut.
Then next round is more simple chain work around the motif.  The counts are CH 5 for smaller areas & CH 13 for larger areas.  You may wish to add a bead before tatting so you have an accent at the base of your work for this round.  I did.  Filigree findings offer so many design options.  Don't be afraid to play with them or adjust the anchor points where you attach tatting.
Hope you will enjoy this.  It is a simple, quick way to do something special for a bride you know.  Of course, I plan to add a pearl to the center and ruffle tatting around it to form a bezel in the center.  I encourage you to experiment with adding additional tatting and beading to this pattern.  Have fun and be creative!
Well, I am off to take Rosie Fey on a run in the Piney Woods.  Have a fantastic day and enjoy the pattern.  Until next week~
Happy Tatting!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Findings For Wedding Hair Adornments

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
I have had several inquiries about bridal hair accessories.  So, after some digging in the Atelier, I found a few items to illustrate a few options that will hopefully help and inspire.
This is a good, all-purpose, clear plastic hair comb.  Here are some ideas:  bead it and add tatting, make some silk flowers and add tatting, use the comb to anchor a fascinator that is enhanced with tatting, or add a veil with tatting accents.  I have done all of these and find this little comb to be so very useful!  If you are careful, you can use a Dremel tool on a slow setting to drill holes on the top bar of the comb.  Sometimes, I luck up on combs that are already pierced.
Other findings that I personally use in my original OOAK creations are imaged above.  The little hair clip has 3 holes at the fat end.  It is so easy to add tatting and beading to it.  It is also an excellent fascinator anchor.  The bobby pin has a flat disc on the end.  I usually adhere a small tatted foundation with a cabochon gemstone over it, allow the adhesive to dry, then proceed to tat around it.  Different size clips and bobbies are available at most craft stores.  Another thing I use the clips for are bodice/outfit accents.  It is so easy to dress up a gown, suit lapel, or even shoes.  Clip them on, go have fun, then unclip them when your home.  This way, you do not pierce the fabric.
I hope that this has given you some ideas for hair accessories.  My day is going to be filled with double checking pattern notes and counts.  Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow for the FREE earring pattern!  Have a fantastic day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vintage MOP Buckles

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
I spent a good bit of yesterday cleaning these gorgeous, vintage MOP buckles.  They were found in a grubby box on the bottom shelf at a junque shop.  This one is my favorite:
It is the largest of the MOP buckles and features some pretty accent carving.  I was thinking about beading the center with pearls and Swarovskis, adding tatting and a brooch finding.  What do you think?  Of course, one could always make a special tatted lace belt accent for a bride with any of these MOP buckles.
These are the larger oval buckles.
And these are some smaller square buckles.  I thought these would be great accents on a tatted collar that is rather Art Deco in style.  Or perhaps a pendant accent and earrings.  What is your opinion?
Jim is making me breakfast this morning and it sure does smell good!  I'd better run so we have time to eat together before he heads to work.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New MOP Findings

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
Whilst Jim and I were driving around this past weekend, we happened up on a little bead shop.  Here are some of the goodies I found:
These MOP discs have four holes spaced around them and are perfect for adding tatting to.
Then I found these MOP donuts with a hole on each side.  These are the natural colored ones.
And these are the peachy colored ones.
These will all work great for the upcoming collection I'm in the process of designing!  Every now and then, I really luck up on wonderful finds.  Our weekend jaunt was a goody jackpot.  Wait until you see the gorgeous vintage finds I plan to feature on tomorrow's post! 
Rosie Fey is spinning at the door.  I'd better take care of her so I can get back to the Atelier for more goody cleaning and earring designing.  May you have a marvelous day full of creativity.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Week and Weekend Recap

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
I had a refreshing, if exhausting, week off from the blog.  Now I am back and am ready to hit the ground running!
Aside from cleaning the living room in preparation for new furniture last week, I enjoyed a very special day trip on Thursday.  My mother and daughter accompanied me to visit Ms. Pat at the Stitcher's Workshop in Norphlet, Arkansas.  Ms. Pat is closing her wonderful needle work shop in August.  I shall miss her and the shop greatly!  If you would like to get in on some wonderful savings on thread, click the link above to Ms. Pat's.  Mom, Jocie and I had a wonderful day together as we visited the shop, dined at a charming local cafĂ©, and took in the sights along the way. 
Well, according to the poll, you would like to have a wedding inspired earring pattern.  Okay- your wish is my command.  I will be designing a special pair of earrings to feature as a FREE pattern on Friday's blog post.  I've already gathered the materials I plan to use.  I am using an earring stud filigree finding that can be purchased from Fire Mountain Gems.  The number order for the earrings is A37-1762FY.  I will be using Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S49 "Subtle Elegance" and pearl and Swarovski bicones for accents.  Possibly some seed beads, too.  You'll just have to wait and see the results on Friday!
This past weekend, our town hosted its yearly "festival".  I do NOT take part as it is hot this time of year and, most importantly, it is not the type of venue where I care to present my work.  Jim graciously took me on an antiquing adventure to several nice towns in another state.  Here is one goody I found:
I could not resist this cute vintage plastic brooch!  The colors are so pretty and will look beautiful with my favorite Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk.
There are a number of other goodies I lucked up on that I will feature this week as I clean them and prep them for tatting.  The majority of my tatting time in the Atelier this week will be spent designing the FREE earring pattern.  Thank you all for voting in the poll and expressing your opinions.  I value them all!
Guess I had better get busy.  Jim will be ready for breakfast soon and I've got lots of work to do.  Have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Busy Cleaning

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good afternoon, dear readers!
We ordered our new living room furniture and it should arrive either Friday or early next week.  It will probably be delivered by next Wednesday.  I have been cleaning in the living room and am almost ready to paint.  Jim is going to be roped into helping me with that this weekend.
The next project is going to be a total Atelier renovation.  I'm chunking my old ratty chair- it's already been repaired more times than I can count.  What do you think I should order- a chaise lounge or a chair & a half with an ottoman?  I'm thinking I may repaint the Atelier, too.  I've found a gorgeous sky blue that I totally love and a very light lavender.  The blue is what I'm painting the living room and the lavender would be great in the Atelier.  Then again, I also really like a pale peach.  Hmmm... I'll just have to put up some swatches on the walls and see what works best.
Do any of you have any suggestions for a tatting working space?  What would your dream tatting environment be/look like?
Well, I've got to get busy cooking supper.  Have a great day & until later this week~
Happy Tatting!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Rhinestone Barrette Winner

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
The winner of the Rhinestone Barrette is:
Please be so kind as to contact me with your pertinent info and I'll get your barrette in the post this week.
It has almost been 2 years since I started this blog and I have rarely taken time away.  This week I will not be posting daily.  I will post some, but I have a special project here at home I'm working on.  We are ordering new furniture for the living room today and I want to thoroughly clean the entire room.  Carpet will be steam cleaned, old furniture hauled away, walls painted, new window treatments put up and new artwork framed.  Yep, I've got LOTS to do.
Well, I'm off for a run with Rosie Fey before starting on the carpet.  Have a great day & congratulations to Ladytats!  Until later~
Happy Tatting!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Rhinestone Barrette Give Away Event

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
Let's have a fun weekend event- a Rhinestone Barrette Give Away Event.
Keep in mind that this is a prototype- an experiment.  It is enhanced with Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in "Mauve Orchid".  I kept the tatting rather simple as the recipient may want to wear it with an elaborate hairstyle.  The tatting can easily be moved around and arranged.  I thought it would be prudent to do so in case an anchoring bobby pin was needed as the barrette itself is fairly heavy.
If you would like to win this sparkly goody, simply leave a comment on this blog post.  The winner will be selected via random number generator and announced on the blog Monday morning.  Whomever is selected must contact me with their pertinent info no later than Wednesday.  Failure to do so will result in another winner being selected via random number generator.  Good luck!
I sure hope that my thread order comes in today.  There are several threads I am in dire need of to complete some projects. 
Many thanks for your comments on yesterday's post.  I am still contemplating what special pattern to design.  If the poll widget will work, I'll post a poll to the right of the blog this morning.  I'll announce what the next FREE pattern will be next week after the poll closes.  Again, thanks for your input & please vote on the poll.
Rosie Fey is ready to play and run.  Guess I'd better put on my sneakers and take her to the park for a bit.  May you have a fantastic weekend & until Monday~
Happy Tatting!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pattern Ideas

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good afternoon, dear readers!
Well, I have finally gotten all of the purple off of my fingers from the purple hull peas.  And I have finished the goody for tomorrow's special blog event!  Be sure to check out Friday's post for a nice little surprise.
There is something that I would like your help on.  I am trying to decide what to do for this month's FREE pattern.  Keeping in mind that my theme this month is Shabby Vintage Bridal, what pattern would YOU prefer among the following choices:
  head/hair piece
Please leave a comment on this blog post or on the Tatting Designers Facebook page with your choice as I will be working on the pattern next week.
Rosie Fey is ready for another walk, so I'd better take care of her.  May you have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Garden Work

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good afternoon, dear readers!
I have been busy harvesting goodies from the garden and putting them up.  Here is what I've put up today:  creamed corn, snap beans, speckled butter beans, purple hull peas (my fingers are still purple from shelling), squash, and okra.  We also picked a couple quarts of blueberries this morning.  I think I'll use them in a cobbler tonight.
Pictured above are tomato blooms, pinto bean blooms and a small squash & squash blooms.
This time of year I may have to take a day or so at a time to keep up with the garden chores.  I will try to get the purple off my fingers so I can tat this evening.  We love purple hull peas, but they sure do leave a residue on your fingers when you shell them!  Well, if you're in my neck of the Piney Woods, stop by for supper.  We're having chicken dumplings, speckled butter beans, homemade biscuits, blueberry cobbler and sweet tea.
 I'm off to see about getting the purple off my hands.  Have a wonderful day & be looking for a special blog post Friday!  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Barrette Progress

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
We are enjoying a gorgeous morning in the Piney Woods.  It's best to do whatever you need to early in the morning as the afternoon temps are quite high.  Plus, the humidity is downright oppressive.
I have been making progress on the rhinestone barrette:
The overwhelming color choice was the Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in "Mauve Orchid", so that is what I'm using on the first barrette.  I'm planning to use "Subtle Elegance" on the second one and may also include some White Lotus pearl accents on it.  The second one will be more appropriate for a bride, but it seems as though the current trend is for a dash of color for many brides.  I know that I had color in my hair for my wedding- and that was over 20 years ago!  Guess I was ahead of my time.  Ha!
The Mother-of-Pearl brooch is almost complete.  I'll feature it on another post after I give it to my Mom.  It must meet with her approval, you know!
Jocelin and I harvested 5 more crooked neck squash this morning, along with a mess of snap beans and some turnip greens.  Our garden is doing well this year.  It looks like we'll have plenty to put up and share.
Well, Rosie Fey is ready for a romp so I'd better see to her before heading into the Atelier.  I've got lots of tatting work to do and also a special event to plan.  Have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Jayne Intaglio Brooch

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good evening, dear readers!
Jocelin and I spent the day at a local park.  It was just gorgeous out and we thoroughly enjoyed our mother/daughter day.  Rosie Fey chased ducks and squirrels and had an encounter with a goose. 
I did get some tatting done early this morning and began work on another project.  Here is a lovely Whiting & Davis rock crystal intaglio brooch that I have begun to accent:
I have decided to call her "Jayne".  The first bezel of dark lavender freshwater pearls is complete and I am now debating whether to add some White Lotus rice pearls or something else.  I plan to use some gorgeous Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk to tat around this beauty.  I'm thinking of using either "Mauve Orchid" or "Forgotten Lavender".  Plus, I may include some accents of "Subtle Elegance".  You never know what I may decide to do.
Well, it is almost time for supper and I've not prepped anything yet.  Guess I'd better hop to it before Jim gets home.  Have a great evening and be sure to check out the blog later this week for a special event!  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Tech Problems

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good afternoon, dear readers!
I have had problems with internet access today.  It is intermittent, at best.  Please know that I will be working hard on that barrette project this weekend and will post a special event next week.
The Mother-of-Pearl brooch is coming along nicely- now that I've adjusted my counts a bit, anyway.  It will be featured next week, too.
Well, I am going to go ahead & post before I lose my connection again.  Have a marvelous weekend & until Monday~
Happy Tatting!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Opinions Needed

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good afternoon, dear readers!
We have had some wild weather down here.  The last little thunderstorm left me without internet access, but obviously, it's been restored.  At least the garden seems to be enjoying all the rain.
For the special event this month, I will embellish one of the rhinestone barrettes I purchased and offer it as the prize.  Now, just which Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk shall I use to embellish it?
The choices are S9 "Herb Garden", a lovely variegated green; S49 "Subtle Elegance", a beautiful variegated ivory; S541 "Mauve Orchid", a striking variegated purple; and lastly S93 "Silver Foam", an elegant silver and light grey variegated.  PLEASE leave your choice in the comments section on this blog post as I will begin work on the barrette this weekend!!! 
Rosie Fey is a happy puppy.  I gave her a chew hoof and she is busy gnawing away on it at my feet.  I'll have to take some images of her this weekend so y'all can see how much she's grown.  She is almost 5 months old and is growing into a beautiful Catahoula!
I have made a little bit of progress on the Mother-of-Pearl brooch, but will probably rip it out as I am not happy with the counts.  It could be better & this is for my mom.  Maybe things will work out better this evening when I work on it.
Well, I have got to take Rosie Fey out, so have a marvelous day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shabby Vintage Bridal Finds

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
I found some wonderful goodies at a local accessories boutique that are perfect for some Shabby Vintage Bridal projects!!!  The first one is this cute rhinestone barrette.  It has multiple anchoring points and as the stones have an aurora borealis finish, any color may be used to enhance this beauty.  I purchased 2!
The other goodies I found are 2 gorgeous rhinestone headbands.  They have stretchy elastic bands that are attached to the ends and both can very easily be enhanced with tatting.  A bridal veil could also be attached.
I have placed another Valdani thread order and as soon as I get it in, I'll start on these headbands. 
Okay, my darling readers, I need your opinion:  shall I do a special Shabby Vintage Bridal give away event later this month?  I am considering what would be an appropriate goody for this one.  What do you think?  A pair of earrings, a pendant, a rhinestone barrette, a brooch, a fascinator???  Any suggestions?  Let me know your thoughts.
Our garden has been very productive this year.  I have an abundance of snap beans that I'm putting up.  I'm Frenching the beans this morning and canning them this afternoon.  I hope to get back to the Mother-of-Pearl brooch this afternoon late.  Perhaps I'll have the next step ready to share with you tomorrow.  Until then, have a great day &
Happy Tatting!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MOP Brooch Progress

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good morning, dear readers!
I finally got the foundation found on the Mother-of-Pearl brooch to work out to my satisfaction!
I am using Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S9 "Herb Garden" with silver-lined forest green Ornella seed beads for accents.  Future possible accents are what I'm debating on now.  I have some gorgeous Swarovski crystals and also some beautiful dyed green freshwater pearls.  My mom said she doesn't care what I use.  "Just make it pretty," was my only instruction from her.  So, what do you think?  Should I just use the seed beads or should I add another type of accent?  My only concern is that I do not want the accents to compete with the beauty of the brooch itself.
Well, I have towels to get out on the clothesline and lots of tatting to do.  Have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Monday, June 3, 2013

What A Weekend

Shabby Vintage Bridal
Good afternoon, dear readers!
Well, we had a busy weekend.  My old stove finally died.  We spent the weekend shopping for a replacement and installing it.  At least now I can cook and bake without worrying about it either overheating or just shutting off for no apparent reason.  As you can imagine, I got very little tatting done.  I did play with the Mother-of-Pearl brooch, but have not really gotten enough done to share.  I hope to get a bit more done this evening, so tomorrow's post should have some eye candy.
The blog theme for June is Shabby Vintage Bridal.  I will be featuring my kind of shabby vintage designs that are geared toward brides.  Wait until you see some of the upcoming goodies!!!
Guess I'll head on out to the Atelier and get busy on that brooch and another work-in-progress.  Have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!