Monday, May 14, 2012

New Display

Good afternoon, dear readers!  I had a fantastic Mother's day weekend!!!
Jim and Jocelin treated me to a nice lunch on Sunday and a movie.  They also gave me a gorgeous hanging basket for the porch.  Yes, I was spoiled rotten.

Today I have been working on making a display board for the cameos that will be making their debut in the Romance of the Piney Woods couture tatting Autumn collection.  I was distracted by a mail delivery this morning, though.  Here is what arrived:

The 12K gold filled watch chatelaine pin I won at an auction!  It needed a good cleaning, so I took care of that.  Then I sketched out a couple of ideas for adding a tatted fob to it.  I'm really pleased with this little pin.

After I ate lunch and regained my focus, I finished the new display board:

I covered a foamcore board with some salvaged vintage crushed velvet in a delicate peach shade, taking care to hand miter the corners.  It was then secured in the frame and a hardboard backing was placed for extra support.  Later this afternoon I plan to add some hooks to the board to hang the cameos on.  So, what do you think?  Will my ladies look nice on their display board?  I think they will.

Speaking of my ladies, thank you so much for the name suggestions!  I am still considering names for these and some other new auction aquisitions.  If you come up with any others, please comment.

The homemade chili needs stirring and Jocelin has requested some of my special jello for dessert this evening (the recipe is: 2 packs of sugar free peach jello dissolved in 1 c. hot water with 1 12oz. can of cream soda added.  Let set.  Spoon serving into a bowl, add fresh peach slices and vanilla flavored cool whip topping).  I'd better get busy! 
Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Your cameos will look beautiful on the board. I am going away tomorrow so I will try and see your blog while in Greece if I can get an Internet connection, until I get back I look forward to seeing your new creations.

    1. Thanks, Margaret! Have a great & safe trip- I look forward to hearing all about your adventure.