Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Adalaide

Good morning, dear readers!  I have had several emails inquiring about what I do to the cameos.  I had planned to wait until I had all of the ladies "dressed" and ready for their debut, but I will give you a peek at one of them.  Keep in mind that she is not fully dressed yet, but at least she is somewhat decent-

This is "Adalaide". 
 She began as a small carved shell cameo in a nice 12K rolled gold filled filigree brooch mounting.  She has been dressed up with a bezel of cultured rice pearls along with picot accents of 3mm Swarovski crystal AB bicones, a few more rice pearls and just a bit of tatting featuring Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S49.  More tatting will be added to finish her ensemble.

I have worn embellished antique cameos for years and have been asked to make a few available for clients.  Each piece is carefully selected and lovingly enhanced.  No two pieces are ever the same. 

Vintage and antique jewelry has been a passion ever since I was employed MANY years ago by a local jeweler.  I did not realize at the time how that one job experience would influence my creative career.  Being exposed at such a youg age to gorgeous estate jewelry pieces was such a blessing.  I learned much during the 2+ years I worked there, but have educated myself further over the years.

Don't forget to comment on yesterday's post for your chance to win the Piney Woods Summer Vacation Giveaway Event!!!  The winner will be announced on June 7th, so be sure to let me know how you'd use the goodies.

Well, I had better run.  I'm fixing a special lunch for my husband's office today and need to frost the butter pecan cake.  May you have a fantastic holiday weekend and until next week~
Happy Tatting!


  1. If I were to win the wonderful goodies this is what I would design and make:1) special necklace and bracelet set for my Mother's birthday.2)a peice of jewelry for each of my friends in my Crafters With Purpose group. 3)a unique piece for myself.
    Dawna Penrod

  2. That is so elegant just the way it is!! :)

  3. Oh my, the cameo is so pretty. I love it with the pearls.

  4. Adalaide id so very, very pretty. Karen in OR

  5. Lovely cameo, very elegant!