Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here is the bronze colored pendant I'm working on:

The thread I've used is Valdani pearl cotton in color P9.  Center accent is a Swarovski disc and Czech seed bead.  Outer accents are 3mm & 4mm champagne colored Swarovski bicones and matte brown Czech seed beads.  I plan to add another round or two to this pendant and will post images of the completed piece later this week.

This afternoon I plan to rummage through the Atelier for more goodies to include in the upcoming giveaway event.  I do believe that my button stash may need to be reducced.  The bead & fabric stashes were raided yesterday.  I've selected some really gorgeous items for this event!  Now... what shall I call it? Hmmm...

Guess I had better go and take some more Tylenol.  My raging sinus headache is returning with a vengeance!  Have a fabulous day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. I feel your pain, I have had enough sinus headaches in my time. now my asthma meds and allergy nasal sprays keep them down to easily managed. near constant sinus infections caused my asthma.
    pretty foundation for your pendant.

  2. I also suffer with headaches, usually migraine but I do get Sinus headaches when I have a cold/flu

    Beautiful pendant, lovely colour. Look forward to seeing it finished whatever you do with it.