Friday, May 11, 2012


As some of you may have noticed, I LOVE cameos and vintage jewelry.  Recently, I was the lucky bidder at a local estate auction of two beautiful vintage carved shell cameos.  Both are set in 12K rolled gold filled mountings- one a fancy filigree, one a simple scroll frame.  Giving these cameos a "tatting makeover" will be my weekend project.
But I do need help from you, dear readers.  I would like to come up with a lovely old-fashioned name for each cameo.
Here is the one mounted in the filigree setting:

What do you think her name should be?  Ophelia, Florance, Eugenia?  I am open to any suggestions you may have.

And here is the cameo in the scroll mounting:

Lydia, Agatha, Cornelia?  Do you know of a wonderful old name for this beauty?

As I am thinking of what to name my little beauties, I'll need to gather up the materials for their makeovers.  Of course, I will be using Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk thread, but I think they may also need a few pearls and Swarovskis, too.  My pearl stash is sure to contain a few options.  And I just picked-up a gross of the 3mm Swarovski crystal AB bicones at the bead store.  I may even have a vintage carnelian bead bracelet that could be raided for accent beads.  The angelskin coral beads I have are too pale for these cameos, so I guess I'll dig through the bead and vintage jewelry stashes in the Atelier.

After I get it all rounded up, I plan to set up my tatting environment and spend the weekend tatting to my heart's delight.  What will you be doing this Mother's Day weekend?  I know Jim & Jocie have something planned for me on Sunday, but as long as I get in some blissful tatting time today and Saturday everything will be wonderful.

May you all have a fantastic Mother's Day weekend (whether you're a mom or not) and don't forget to let me know your ideas on names for my ladies!
Until next week~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Enjoy you Mother's Day, I hope you get in lots of tatting time with your new ladies.they are so beautiful. Hmmmm names...... How about Primrose and Patience? What ever you name them, they are gorgeous, and I am jealous ;)

  2. I hope you enjoy your mothers day, we in the uk have our mothers day in march

    Names florence and may I add one Lavinia,

    Have a nice weekend


  3. I meant to add that cameos are originally from Italy, and are still made of shell in Italy.

  4. Happy Mothers Day to you, too. How about Genevieve for a name?

  5. I love cameos too - but I have only 1 that I wear. The other two were my grandmother's - gifts I gave them when I was young, so not expensive jewelry, and I got them back after my grandmothers passed. They are Catharine and Grace, after my grannies :) I've taken the cameo out of the cheap settings and put a strong magnet on the back to make needle-minders from them. Now they're with me when I tat or sew!

    Happy Mother's Day to you as well :)

  6. What beauties Rachel, I think the 1st one should be named Ophelia and the 2nd one Cornelia. Great names for time period of the Cameos.

  7. Hmm, I like Florence and Agatha!

  8. Cordelia and Genevieve and Madeline are a few of my Favourite Victorian era names. Oh yes, and Antoinette!
    Fox ; )

  9. Just beautiful. How about Bella and Rose

  10. Love the cameos----I have been collecting cameos for 21 years.....My husband gave me a heart shaped on for out 19th wedding anniversary and that started the collection....I have more than I care to admit but dearly love every one.

    You have two beauties.....make sure you let us see how you dress them up.