Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Off Roading

Good morning, dear readers!  I hope you all had as fantastic a weekend as I had!
Early Saturday morning, I packed a picnic lunch and the ice chest with plenty of A&W rootbeer, ice & Gatorade.  After throwing a quilt, paper towels and handwipes in the back of the Jeep, we headed out to the Jackson-Bienville Wildlife Management Area for a bit of off roading.  The new all-terrain tires are wonderful!  I had no problems going anywhere and they performed beautifully.  Yes, I am one happy Jeep freak!

This will give you an idea of some of the trails I played on.  It was fairly thick in a few areas, but "Rubeline" (my little red Jeep Wrangler) wasn't phased at all.  She is ready for more agressive trails!  Or at least some muddy ones.

Jim worked on our home computer network this weekend.  My upload problem is probably not related to the photo apps/editing software, as I had thought, but rather the security settings/encryption programs Jim had put on our system.  He is working on a solution so I can upload more images to the website and still maintain a high security level on our home network.  MANY thanks for your patience, everyone!!!

I have managed to get a couple more Romance of the Piney Woods pieces up on the Atelier.  In case there is some unforeseen snafu, here are the images:

This is the finished eternity pendant I've been trying to upload. 

And here is a better image of the cultured pearl brooch.

Oh! I almost forgot to include the big tease!!!  Stay tuned later this week for a FREE pattern from my Romance of the Piney Woods collection AND a new giveaway event with a piece from said collection!

Well, I've got to get busy on a special tatting project.  I'll be sharing it with you next week.  May you have a beautiful day full of creativity.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Those are so very elegant!!! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend,
    Beautiful two brooches,

    The sun is shining here at last and it's warm, summer has just arrived but don't hold your breath it looks like its going to be one week only

  3. I love what you've been doing with all these brooches. In fact, I've started to look at circle pins in a new way.