Friday, July 27, 2012

Creative Process

A comment on the Rosalie Giveaway post got me to thinking.  Olga asked about my creative process.  What inspires me to create?  How do I get ideas for my work?  Shortly thereafter, another reader emailed asking for tips on how to develop her creativity.  How could she better her creative process?

These questions are very difficult to answer.  So much inspires me and ignites the creative spark.  I'm easily stimulated by many things with all of my senses coming into the inner conversation. 

I try to convey on the blog a bit of my day-to-day creative endeavors.  The in-house Atelier is where I create a good portion of work.  It is filled with LOTS of threads, beads, buttons, pearls, vintage jewelry, antique jewelry, vintage treasures and Maxfield Parrish prints.  I LOVE the colors found in Parrish landscapes!  The Atelier is also an olfactory experience.  I burn candles that are pleasing to my mood, wear perfumes that make me happy, use handcremes that moisturize and please the senses.  My iPhone is usually plugged into speakers playing a wide variety of different music genres.  (Let's just say my tastes are eclectic!)

The tatting environment is very important.  Whether it is the Atelier or within the Piney Woods.  We are fortunate to own a few acres of gorgeous Piney Woods in the gently rolling hill country of North Louisiana.  Jim has provided me with a number of outdoor "spots" where I can retreat for peace, quiet and artistic stimulation.  The scent of the woods, the sounds of the wildlife, the changes of the seasons- all of this fills me with wonder and makes my fingers itch to tat/bead/crochet/embroider.  Trips to the mountains, off-road outings in my Jeep, walks in nearby Lincoln Parish Park inspire me in various ways.

Going antiquing/junquing can almost be sensory overload!  There are several stores and shops that send my creative side into overdrive.  The Chartreuse Pear in downtown Ruston, LA, is a wonderful experience.  Lovely antiques, jewelry and fabulous Lollia and Tokyo Milk handcremes along with some of the most wonderful scented candles I've ever smelled make for days of artistic creativity.

I guess, the key is to figure out what you really love.  What is your passion?  What makes you really feel?  How exactly are you stimulated?  Are you more influenced by visual, auditory, olfactory, taste or tactile stimulation?  To help you figure out what you really love and enjoy, I suggest you use a neat online service: Pinterest!  Create boards of things that stimulate and inspire you.  This is a tool I personally use on a very regular basis.  Follow others who pin things that pique your interest- there is no telling what you may discover!

Always keep your mind and hands busy- looking for the next "a-ha" moment.  Think outside of the box.  If you are tatting a pattern and think of something different to try, just do it.  It is okay to color outside of the lines!  Do you enjoy running your fingers through a jar of buttons?  How about the feel of silk thread sliding off the needle?  The taste of a gourmet chocolate bonbon?  Relish each sensation and use it to help "spark" your inner creative fire.

 I hope I've not freaked you out with my rather quirky artsy side.  Afterall, some of you did ask for it!


Well, I am off to the Atelier to clean and get ready for a weekend of carpet steam cleaning.  I do not know if there will be much in the way of tatting to share, but the winner of the giveaway will be announced first thing Monday morning.  May you have a wonderfully creative weekend doing whatever it is that makes your soul sing!  Until next week~
Happy Tatting!

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  1. What an interesting post, I really enjoyed reading about your creatively, I don't have a workroom, and just a space in the lounge which is constantly being told I take up too much room. A husband that does not understand that there are times I just want to sit and create, ha ha take today I was trying something totally new to me, in fact I was watch a YouTube video what did i get, nat nat in my ear, I just got to the bit when I was doing what the video said the phone rang, patience my husband would test the patience of an angel.

    Inspiration comes in so many ways, Colours, books, magazines, and just everyday life. You are so lucky to have somewhere to sit outside or in .

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and perhaps the olympics will inspire you too.