Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Invasion of the Mushrooms

The Piney Woods, our driveway & garden have been invaded by mushrooms!  They are everywhere- and always in clusters of 3 or more.  Here are a couple of images of the driveway invaders:

This is the same cluster featured in yesterday's post.  It has more than doubled in size!

Here is a top view of the cluster closest to where I park my Jeep.  These started out as the cutest little buttons- then they expanded like crazy. 

The chickens have been trying to figure out what these white things are but are giving them a wide berth.  Perhaps they are poison mushrooms- I have no idea.  They're just everywhere!

I did a little bit of tatting yesterday afternoon, but not much new to show.  The majority of my time was spent checking out various photo text apps and reviewing my webhost's specs.  I tried to do as instructed, but have not had any success uploading the desired images to the Atelier site.  Not to worry, I WILL figure it out- eventually!!!

Well, I am off to tat a bit, then Jocelin and I are going junquing in the afternoon.  Maybe I'll have a vintage goody or two to share with you tomorrow!  And I also plan to work on tweaking an upcoming FREE pattern.  Have a fabulous day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

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  1. Your mushrooms give me some inspiration but I have no idea if they are eatable.