Friday, December 21, 2012

Spa Day!

Good morning, dear readers!
I am waiting for my sleeping beauty daughter to rouse from her slumber so our annual "Spa Day" can begin.  So far, there have been no sounds from her room- I may have to send in the dogs to bounce on her bed & lick her awake with the added bonus of a frenzy of wagging tails.  She has until I finish this blog post (insert a gleeful, yet evil laugh here)!
I have put a small bag with a travel tatting project in my purse & will tat whenever I get the chance today.  How much will I be able to get done in between a haircut, manicure, pedicure, facial & massage??? 
Are you ready for the holidays, dear readers?  I have finished with all of the cooking, gift wrapping & shopping that I plan to do this year- with the exception of our Christmas Day meal.  On the menu this year is:  a large venison roast with veggies, homemade rolls, collard greens, candied sweet potatoes, creamed corn, sweet tea & a chocolate pie (my grandmother's recipe).  After we gorge ourselves, we plan to go see The Hobbit.
Guess who just got up!  Yes, Jocelin finally made it into the livingroom and the dogs are in full "good morning, we haven't seen you in a year" frenzy.  Well, I had better bring this to a close so we can get on the road to our favorite gourmet coffee house for breakfast.  Jocelin loves the coffee; I love the tea.  The freshly made pastries are another favorite, too! 
I will be posting a special goody on Christmas Eve, so be sure to check out the blog!!!
Have a wonderful day & until Christmas Eve~
Blessings & Happy Tatting!!!

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