Friday, December 7, 2012

Ho Hum Week

Good morning, dear readers!
This has been a ho-hum week.  Celebrating our anniversary was great, but my tatting mojo is not what it should be.  I guess with everything going on- Jocie's school activities (ACT testing, homecoming court, etc.), Christmas activities and parties, and not having enough time to really sit down and tat- I'm suffering a tatting mojo block.
Well..this will be remedied.  I'm going into the Woods today and will not come out until I feel better and have gotten in some serious tatting time.  There are a few snowflake inspired designs I've been working on, but I keep getting interrupted.  I'm in the process of packing my portable Atelier and plan to get these projects finished so I can share a FREE pattern or two with you next week.
This is the very beginning of one piece I'm playing with.  Let's hope that peace, artistic inspiration, and quiet are to be found in my Piney Woods today! 
What are you doing this weekend?  Jocie has her ACT test on Saturday and we have church on Sunday.  Other than those things, I plan to be in the Woods, in my tatting shanty, creating new artworks.
I'm off after packing a few more spools of silk.  May you have a wonderful weekend & until next week~
Happy Tatting!


  1. I see the beginnings of a beautiful star and/or snowflake!!! I think it would be awesome as a free pattern, even just the work you have done. I really want one in yellow as a star for my Christmas tree. Funny thing... am making Christmas ornaments in the same color. I hope you get your mojo back... As usual.. am devoted to your blog and work!!!!

  2. If that is a snowflake it's going to be brilliant and beautiful colour.
    I hope you get your mojo back, I lost mine a few months ago and it can be hard at times to keep the mojo going for long periods.
    Have a nice weekend, Me I am doing a craft fair tomorrow and another one next Wednesday

  3. I will be with my tatting group (two other gals) at our big weekend festival at a local historic village. We have been attending this festival for almost 25 years! It's fun to demonstrate and talk about tatting to all the visitors in a festive holiday atmosphere. I will be displaying my interlocking rings, which I've made into pendants! You've been quite intense and productive with your tatting (and blogging) this year, so it's not surprising that you're taking a breather. Sometimes that's a good thing!

  4. This is a crazy season for me and this weekend is full to the gills -- seems like all the holiday parties and concert happen this weekend. I hope to squeeze in a some time to finish up the doily I am tatting for my mom's Christmas gift -- I will need to get it in the mail soon.

    Your tatting is beautiful and inspiring -- I hope your mojo returns, I hope you find joy in the thread...