Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Good morning, dear readers!
My hands are feeling better today.  Perhaps I'll actually sit down and tat this afternoon!
I spent most of yesterday cleaning out some boxes in the Atelier and came across a bag of seashells.
I have oodles of these little boogers.  They look like they would make excellent focal accents for pendants.  Think I'll get out the dremel tool and drill some of them to see if this will work.  I also have several bags of different types of seashells.  A few years ago, I happened up on a big box of seashells at an estate auction.  For $2.00 I figured it was a good deal.
Also found in the misc. boxes were:  a few boxes of vintage glass Christmas ornaments, a bag of vintage floral hankies, some bakelite beads & buttons and Jocie's first pair of ballet shoes.  
Today is special for another reason- it's our wedding anniversary.  Jim is so sweet for putting up with my tatting obsession and fiber art habit for all of these years.  We don't have any elaborate or fancy plans.  I just want to be taken out for supper- to the Huddle House!  Every now and then, I just love to have a breakfast supper.  I think my chance of getting Jim to agree to this is pretty good.
Well, I am off to take Lily Fey on her run.  Hope you have a wonderful day full of tatting fun.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. I have used sea shells on bookmarks, bracelets and necklaces I've tatted. They turn out beautiful.
    Dawna Penrod

  2. Happy anniversary , I hope you have a great meal out. I look forward to see what you do with the shells

  3. Happy Anniversary! I assume you were married in Louisiana, where you didn't have to worry about snow for the wedding? It's unusually warm here in PA today - in the 60s, but that's coming to an end tomorrow!

  4. Happy Anniversary Rachel. Have a wonderful supper and a fantastic year to come.