Wednesday, December 12, 2012

FREE 2012 Snowflake Pattern

Good morning, dear readers!
We had a wonderful time at Jim's office party last night.  The food and company were both excellent.
I thought I'd share a reworked pattern with you today.  This design was originally an eight point star/snowflake that I came up with for featuring some fabulous blister pearls I'd lucked up on.  I reduced it to a 5 point star/snowflake.  Additional beading, accents and tatting rows are easily added to this foundation.  I recently did a set in red for a Christmas gift. (Not saying who they were for though!)
To tat this pattern you will need: a spool of Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S49, a size 8 tatting needle, 5 3mm crystal AB Swarovski bicones and 40 antique beige Czech seed beads.
String the beads on the silk as follows: 3 seed beads, Swarovski, 3 seed beads, 5times.  Then string the final 10 seed beads. 
R 8 - (with 10 seed beads & leaving plenty of room for joining subsequent Rs) 8 CL RW
CH 10 very small - 5 CL R 6 - (with 3 seed beads, Swarovski, 3 seed beads) 6 CL CH 5 very small - 10 CL RW
R 8 slide 1 seed bead to base of first R + 8 CL RW
CH 3 followed by 5 small -s 3 CL RW
R 8 slide 1 seed bead to base of previously tatted R + 8 CL RW
Continue around motif until you have 10 Rs, 5 long CH with R combos, and 5 small CHs.
Tie & cut, hide ends.
It is always a good idea to place a small dot of jewelers adhesive on the knot before cutting.
If you would like, dear readers, I'll dress this bare bones foundation up in subsequent posts with additional rounds, beading and a lovely pearl focal center.  Be sure to leave a comment if you'd like to see how this one progresses!
Well, I have a couple of errands to run today before I get back to the Atelier.  My uncle needs some more yard eggs and I've got some last minute things to pick up for Jocelin's homecoming outfit.  I'm off to take Lily Fey on her morning run. Hope you have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. I am going to start teaching basic needle tatting classes and would love to have the counts for the rest of this star/snowflake so that I can show them how elegant tatting can look after they've had some experience.

  2. Oh, yes, please. I'd love to see additional rounds.

  3. Very pretty! Thanks for the pattern.

  4. I love your multilayer designs... I´m looking forward to see how this one goes on :-D

  5. Very nice! I look forward to see what you add to it. Love your daily posts.

  6. Lovely design, gorgeous snowflake, I wonder what else you will do with this

  7. Beautiful pattern! Just tatted it for our Snowflake-a-day challenge! I'd love to see what you add onto it! Blessings!

  8. I would really like to see how you add to this. Please do show us.