Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Good morning!
I have a full day of cooking ahead of me.  Jim's office has it's Christmas party this evening.  It wouldn't be so bad, but the element in my oven went out last night.  Guess I'll have to call the appliance store when it opens to see if a replacement is in stock.  If not, at least I got the chocolate cake baked & iced already.
I still have to do the following- purple hull peas, homemade macaroni & cheese, mint iced tea, and tiger butter.  Tiger butter is very easy and even better- it's done in the microwave!  All you need is a block of plain almond bark, a block of chocolate almond bark and your favorite peanut butter.  Take a hammer and whack the ever lovin' snot out of the almond bark, place it in a bowl & pop in the microwave on a low defrost setting.  Keep an eye on it and check it often.  When it is good and thoroughly melted, add in peanut butter to your liking.  Stir and pour onto wax paper on a cookie sheet.  Allow to cool, then bust it up into bite size pieces.  You can add sliced almonds, pecans or other goodies that strike your fancy before it cools.  It is a quick and easy holiday treat we have enjoyed for many years.
Well, I am off to check on the chickens.  It is very cold this morning- only 29F.  Have a great day and be sure to check the blog tomorrow for a special tatting goody!  Until then~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Your day I hope went ok, I surprise to read it is cold with you, I did not think it got that cold in southern USA, We have freezing fog today and it has not gone above freezing all day with the fog getting thicker as the day went by. Another freezing night but Friday has rain and a risk of flooding with heavy wind, Our weather changes faster than anywhere.

  2. Tiger butter sounds yummy! Enjoy your holiday party!