Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Valdani Christmas Motif #1, Part One

'Tis the season to be tatting...
Today's post features part one of the Valdani Christmas Motif #1.
Materials used are:
a size 7 tatting needle
Valdani size 8 pearl cotton color O 560
10 Czech size 10 seed beads in Christmas Green
5 small jingle bells
1 small antique red Czech glass button

Thread tatting needle and string 1 green seed bead, 1 jingle bell, 1 green seed bead, five times.
This motif is made with a foundation of 5 interlocking chain-rings with the following count:
CHR 11 - (with 1 green seed bead, 1 jingle bell, 1 green seed bead) 11 CL
When you finish the 5th CHR, pull the thread ends to the front and tie- this is VERY important- leave ends long enough to later secure the button in the center of the foundation!

Next, you will be tatting chains around the foundation.  Run the tatting needle through the top cap of the ds next to the - of any CHR.  CH 21 CL + to the same spot at the base of the - of the next CHR.  Continue around foundation.  When you tat the last chain, run the needle through to the back of the beginning of your work, tie & cut.
Now, you will be doing the exact same thing on the other side of the - of each CHR.  This time, though, you will need to cut a fair length of thread so that you can weave the chains.  Tat your CH 21 CL + , pull the working thread through and continue tatting around the foundation.  The end result should resemble that pictured above.  Do not worry if your chains are a bit "wonky".  More is going to be added to this motif.  Part two will be featured tomorrow.

Oh- I almost forgot!


I will be selecting the winner tomorrow morning bright & early before breakfast.

Well, I had better go- the homemade chili is on the stove waiting to be stirred.  Have a wonderful evening. Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

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