Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Boy, did I get distracted today!  My thread shipment from Valdani came in this morning and I have been digging through my bead & button stash to find accents for the new fibers.

As always, Valdani has the most fabulous color selection.  The above group of fibers will be used in my upcoming "Romance of the Piney Woods" collection.

And I had to order more of another favorite variegated combo:

 Valdani's M40 "Violet Meadows"!
I just love this colorway.  The purples and greens are so beautiful- wait until you see what I'm doing with it...

As the new fibers totally distracted me, I accomplished very little tatting today.  I also had absolutely no luck in finding those tiny shell buttons.  Don't you just hate it when you hide things from yourself?  Those buttons were on my working table in the atelier, but have somehow vanished.  They will turn up eventually.  Hopefully, it will be in time to do the little project I have in mind to post on the blog.

 Tomorrow's post probably won't have much in the way of tatting, either.  Since the new fibers have arrived, I feel the need to make a trip to the local bead shop for various accents and findings.  Thought I'd give you fair warning!  I will share images of any new goodies I find, though.

Remember:  the Piney Woods Xmas Thread Giveaway is going on!  Deadline for clicking the google "Join this Site" button to follow the blog & be entered is December 4th.  Good luck!

Well, I 'm off to the atelier to move the work table and hunt for those dern buttons.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Just lovely! I can't wait to see what you've designed!

  2. Good luck finding your buttons. I was clearing off my desk and putting things away - most of the afternoon. I didn't find YOUR buttons; however, I did find the top of my desk!!!

    I ususlly don't care to put things away until there is so much 'stacked' things topple! And, there isn't room for creative anything!!

  3. What beautiful colors! I've never tried Valdani but after seeing those threads I might have to do so.