Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Camo

It actually feels like Fall today!  It is a nice, cool 59F this afternoon.  Fabulous tatting weather.

After washing and ironing my camo shirts, I decided there was a need for more color co-ordinated tatted accessories.  I then went through my Valdani stash and found the perfect color to go with my Mossy Oak camo- # O574.  As luck would have it, I had just the right color and finish of seed beads, too.  The label was gone on the little box, so I am not sure what the color is.  All I know is that they are Miyuki brand.
I gathered my materials, went to a favorite spot and tatted this:

This is the beginning of another camouflage pendant.  As mentioned, I used 100% COLORFAST Valdani size 8 pearl cotton in # O574, along with matte finish Miyuki seed beads, a vintage brown cowlip shell button, and green freshwater pearls.  I have not finished this piece, but wanted to show you what I've been up to this fine Fall day.

Don't forget about the Piney Woods Harvest Event!  There is only a week until the deadline of November 16th, so click the google "Join this Site" button for your chance to win.  Good luck!

I think I shall stroll back to my tatting haven and continue working on the new camo pendant.  Have a marvelous day!  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Just lovely, as always. Just wanted to thank you for your help! I finally got it! I can't wait to finish my yo-yo and put it on my blog. I'm in love!!!! I'm really leaning towards "Celtic" designs. Can't wait to see what your next creation will be :)

  2. Because of your blog and all the talk about Valdani thread, my sis, who lives in Calgary, Alberta, where there is a store that stocks the stuff, is coming for a visit and bringing me FOUR - 4 - BALLS!

    I asked her for #12 and she has obliged... Cannot wait to see the colours she picked, for apparently there was a huge choice. Very excited!
    Fox : ))

  3. I love my Valdani 12 thread...I had purchased the forest selection. I'd like to have at least 1 of every color! Unfortunately, my bank account doesn't agree.
    Love your pendant!