Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Ideas, Part One

Some of my most cherished Christmas memories are of the small, tiny things that perhaps, others did not notice.  I have always delighted in giving gifts that have been lovingly wrapped with special care, thought & attention.  Oftentimes, I will top a gift with a tatted motif instead of or with a handmade bow.  Pictured below is a gift topper I recently made.

It was tatted with Valdani size 8 pearl cotton in colors O560 and M43 and is accented with golden jingle bells. 
Here is a closer image:

Keep a small box or tin by your favorite tatting area and place a random motif or two in it as you tat through out the year.  Use these to slip into a card or in place of/in addition to a pretty bow.  The recipient will be sure to feel special by your extra effort.  And nothing is more beautiful than a litte piece of lace gracing a special goody!

Speaking of goodies:  be sure to click the google "Join this Site" and follow my blog for your chance to win the Piney Woods Xmas Thread Giveaway!  Deadline for entry is December 4thThose who are already listed as followers are automatically entered.  Good luck!

Well, I am off to hunt for some tiny, antique, mother-of-pearl buttons that I have hidden from myself.  I need them for tomorrow's blog post.  Let's hope I can find them.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


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