Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ICR, Part Two

For your enjoyment today, I have slightly elaborated upon the basic interlocking chain-ring motif featured in yesterday's post.  I used a size 7 tatting needle and Valdani size 8 pearl cotton in color M26 "Green Grass" (it was one of the colors in their fabulous "Two at Christmas" collection).  For accent beads I used 10 lime green size 11 Czech seed beads and 5 green AB finish Czech fire polish beads.  A medium sized gold jingle bell was used as a center focal accent.  The counts for the ICR foundation are the exactly the same as yesterday's motif:
R11- add beads 11 CL 5x for the foundation of piece.

To tat the accent round, run needle through top cap of ds to the left of the beads, CH 7 sm- med- sm- 7 CL + to the corresponding top cap on the other side of the beads.  CH 4, CL + to the top cap of the ds to the left of the next set of beads, continue around the motif.  After tatting the last CH, run needle from the front of the motif to the back.  Tie, cut & hide ends.  Add the jingle bell of other focal accent of your choice, or simply pull the ends through to the back, tie, cut & hide ends.

As you can tell, ICR foundations are easy to tat and offer a plethora of design options.  I enjoy using ICR foundations for pendants, brooches, doilies, and ornaments.  I hope you have fun playing with ICRs and would love to see your efforts.

Well, I must run- there is a break in the rain and I have many errands to see to.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Thank you for the second round. Your directions and pictures are very clear.

  2. I love the colour of that thread!! I did some interlocking chain-rings this week too! I love doing them!!

  3. I love that colour as well. Pretty!
    Fox : )