Monday, November 7, 2011


I am feeling much better after a restful weekend of recreational tatting!  Many thanks to my dear readers who expressed concern about my health.  It was just seasonal allergies and general fatigue.

Living in Louisiana, which is known as the "Sportsman's Paradise", you come to have an appreciation of a certain fashion- camouflage.  It is fashionable down here to wear camo year round. But especially beginning in September all through Winter, it seems everyone wears camo.  There are a myriad of patterns of camouflage- it all depends upon where you hunt or what your personal preferance is.  Still, most camo is a variety of browns, greens, and greys. And yes, I do have an assortment of pink camouflage, too.  Mostly though,  I possess a wide array of "standard" camo shirts (mainly my husband's cast offs once the sleeves shrink-up on him).  This weekend my husband pointed out that I do not have any tatted accessories that I wear with my camouflage.  Well, that was quickly rectified:

I tatted this little versatile piece that can be worn as a pendant, pin, or hat clip/ hair ornament using Valdani size 8 pearl cotton in color M78.  It began with an interlocking chain-ring foundation and was enhanced with accent tatting and 4mm light green Swarovski bicones and 3mm copper-rose Swarovski bicones.  Jim (my husband) particularly likes this piece in my red hair or on my favorite ratty, old camouflage cap.

Aside from doing the above and several other camouflage pieces for my personal use, I made lots of Christmas yoyos.  I sat in my recliner with Clover yoyo makers and fabric surrounding me while I let the allergy medicine do its thing.  Jim found my extra-large yoyo maker (which I had hidden from myself) and I made several larger yoyos for ornament bases.

As you can imagine, I am going to have some FABULOUS Christmas giveaway events!

Speaking of giveaways- the Piney Woods Harvest Event is going on!  Deadline for following the blog & being eligible for the goodies is November 16th.  Click the google "Join this Site" button for your chance to win.  Good luck!

It is a beautiful day outside and I feel like going out, sitting in the sunshine & tatting.  Have a wonderful day.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Oh, Rachel,, I love tthe camo yo-yo! Way too cute! I can't wait to see what you're going to come up with your Christmas line!

  2. It's camoflage time here, too, in hunting season. Neat idea!

  3. Lovely camoflage brooch, or however you wear it, I love your yo-yos gorgeous fabric.
    I glad to hear you are feeling better.