Monday, September 24, 2012

Typical Monday

Good morning, dear readers!
The weekend was enjoyable, even though the pollen count was at "warning" levels.  I hate it when I walk outside, sneeze, and then am unable to breathe the rest of the day.  At least it was sunny and nice weather for getting some yard work done.
The only tatting I put much effort into was the pendant I'm doing for a friend- her birthday was Saturday, so I hope she won't be too peeved when she gets her gift a bit late.  It began like this:
I used a size 7 tatting needle with size 8 Valdani pearl cotton in "Primitive White" with "satin silk sand" Delica seed beads and 3mm "greige" Swarovski bicone accents to tat the foundation.
The next round of tatting was done with a size 8 tatting needle and size 12 Valdani Pearl Cotton in "Primitive White" with the same bead accents.  An antique carved shell button was added to the center along with a 4mm light grey Swarovski pearl.  I am going to add layered tatting in Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in "Subtle Elegance" to it today and probably more beads will be featured in the final rounds.  I'll take an image of the finished piece and post it after presenting it to it's recipient.
Today's tasks include finishing the above pendant, working more on the Fairy Queen pendant and tatting another pendant design that had been floating around in my head this weekend.  For those who are following the Fairy Queen's progress, be sure to check out tomorrow's post- I hope you'll like how she is turning out!
Well, I'd better get busy.  Have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!