Monday, September 10, 2012


Good morning, dear readers!  I hope you had a marvelous weekend.  Mine would have been better if the Saints had won- oh, well...
My finger is recovering from the paring knife sneak attack.  Let me tell you- I LOVE liquid bandaids!!!  This stuff is great.  It protects my finger and allows thread to slide over it without snagging it.  Thanks to the "Liquid Bandaid" I was able to return to tatting a bit this past weekend and did this:
I started with an antique MOP carved shell piece/button and tatted around it with Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in "Subtle Elegance" and Czech seed beads in light cream pearl and translucent turquoise.  I have some "Aquamarine" Dinky Dyes pearl cotton that goes great with the turquoise beads and may do a few additional rounds with it and the "Subtle Elegance".
After my finger heals a bit more, I'll return to the other projects I have in the works, but for now, I plan to take it easy.  After a bit of tatting, my finger stings and gets VERY touchy.
Well, I am off to the Atelier to tat a bit, organize a little and enjoy a nice cup of gourmet hot cocoa.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. I love this one! Maybe it's because I'm partial to stars, but it's more likely to be that it's because there's blue, my favorite color! Beautiful work as always!

  2. Lovely and the colours and beads work so well with it well done

  3. Wow, that's beautiful!! Very unique with the mother-of-pearl star in the center. :)

  4. very pretty broach and very glad that you are healing.
    I too like liquid bandage, but have found that good old super glue will work in a pinch.

  5. Very pretty!

    Hmmm... liquid bandaids. never heard of them and I am definitely someone who should be in the know. If you have ever taken a gander at my blog, you will know that I have had several rather nasty confrontations with 'the hook'. Say no more. Hmmmm ...liquid bandaids. Thanks for the tip.
    Fox : 0

  6. I am constantly amazed at how you immediately visualize the way you will attach rings and chains in attractive combinations to ANY object and pick just the right threads and beads to create something spectacular! You indicated you worked for a jeweler and learned a good it about jewelry, beads, etc. You definitely have a talent for it, combined with your amazing needlework skills.

    Sorry about your poor finger! I could have used liquid bandage on my little finger last week. Didn't know that would work! Kitchens are dangerous places!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Kathy! I appreciate them. Believe me, hearing positive things makes me want to do more and expand creatively.