Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Rounds

Good morning!
Yesterday was fairly productive in the Atelier- especially considering how many projects I'm working on.  I finished the accent rounds of silk tatting on my friend's gift-
Now to add the outer rounds and a few more beads.  I'll be working on this in a bit.
And here is a view of the completed 2nd round of accent tatting on the Fairy Queen pendant:
I decided that I would go back in between the accent round with the 3 seed beads on each chain and add another round with picots:
The counts for this round are very simple:
CH 1 followed by 5 picots 1 CL + around motif
I'll try to get a clearer image of this round later when the light is better.  After working on the other pendant, I plan to tackle the outer rounds on this one.  If time allows, I may work on the earring design I've been playing with.  The counts just are not working on the earring project, but I think I've figured it out.
As you can tell, I've plenty of work awaiting me.  Have a fabulous day- I'm off to the Atelier.  Until Wednesday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Both look lovely, there's a lot of work in them and so many rounds.
    Have a good day tatting

  2. Again, I admire your ability to envision the effects you achieve. And I love the Valdani silk threads you use. I've never tatted with silk, so I'm curious to try it.

  3. Your work is so inspiring and imaginative! I wanna be like you when I grow up! I love the look of both of them.