Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fairy Queen Pendant Foundation

Good morning, dear readers!
Dad is doing a bit better today, but has a long healing process ahead of him.  Many thanks for your prayers.
As promised, I am posting a new FREE pattern this week.  It is called the Fairy Queen pendant and is inspired by All Hallows Eve, when the sidhe (fairy folk) can visit our world through "thin" places.  Today's post is the foundation.
Supplies needed are: 1 spool of Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S93 "Silver Foam", 24 Swarovski 3mm light grey pearls, and 48 silver-lined gunmetal Czech seed beads and a size 8 tatting needle.
String all beads in the following order:  seed bead, pearl, seed bead.
Tatting instructions:
R5-5- (with seed bead, pearl, seed bead) 5-5 CL RW
CH 7 - (with seed bead, pearl, seed bead) 7 CL RW
R5+5- (with seed bead, pearl, seed bead) 5-5 CL RW
Continue tatting to form a foundation motif or 12 Rs and CHs.
Accent tatting will be the steps featured on tomorrow's post.
Let's hope today is more condusive to tatting than the busy, noisy hospital was yesterday!  I'm off to it, then.  Hope you have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!



  1. That is stunning!! Thanks for sharing the pattern!! :)

  2. Rachel, What is the next smaller size of pearl bead? Do the sizes go up or down? I want to get some pearl beads for #40 thread and do not know what is appropriate.

    I have looked online for the answer - but am not having luck, so I thought I 'd ask you!
    Fox : )

    1. Fox, the smallest Swarovski pearls I've found are the 3mm. They go up in size from there. Every now & then I happen upon some antique seed pearls, but they are hard to find (& I'm VERY picky). The seed beads I'm using are size 11/0. Ornela Preciosa makes some lovely creamy pearl seed beads you may want to use. Check out for beads and Swarovskis.

    2. Thanks for that, Rachel.

      I do use size 11 seed beads a lot and have also become VERY picky about beads! I have only a few vintage ones my mom found for me a few years ago and they are a lovely pearl colour. Lots and lots have I given away, since I became so selective as to what I will add to my tatting.

      Off I go to my trusty shop to peruse size 3mm pearls, as I have such a hankering for them, especially after visits to your wonderful blog. You are such an inspiration. Thank you!
      Fox : )

  3. p.s. Very pretty motif! It is what sent me scurrying to find an answer.

  4. This first layer looks very pretty already! I agree with Fox... I've got to go find some beads/pearls now...

    Just a quick question: Will the remaining rounds be workable with a shuttle, as I know you work with needles?

    1. Val,
      You should be able to tat the pendant with Celtic shuttles.

  5. This looks wonderful, and I'm looking forward to making it. There are no bead stores near me, so I'll have to sub from my stash.......Thanks!

  6. This pattern look lovely and I think I can do it with a shuttle, will have to try later n in the week I have something else to do tonight.
    I hope your Dad is feeling better today,

    1. Thanks, Margaret! Dad is slowly getting better- he's just a little grouchier than usual ;-)