Monday, March 19, 2012

Yoyo Brooch In Progress

Good morning, dear readers!  I hope you had as wonderful a weekend as we had. 
We enjoyed a lovely visit with my mother-in-law and got a fair amount of yard work done.  The garden still needs a lot of work, but we'll get to it in the evenings this week.

I did manage to get in a bit of tatting-

This yoyo brooch-in-progress is accented with tatting in Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk #S31.  An antique carved shell button with Swarovski crystals added to the center holes will be attached once the outer tatting is complete.  I'll do one more row of the chains right next to the yoyo, then add another round or two to enlarge the brooch.  What do you think?  Anyone have any suggestions?

The flowers in my yard are really starting to show off- I'm getting so much artistic inspiration just from strolling about the place!
Here is an image of the large wisteria from the front yard:

I'd love some Valdani silk thread in this color!!!

And here is a close-up view of the flowering almond:

My little flowering almond bush is in full bloom and is so fragrant!  I may have to sit in a lawn chair beside it and tat a bit today!

After taking care of housework and a few errands, I hope to sit for a spell in the yard, tat, and think of what to do for an Easter event.  There are several ideas bouncing around in my head.  Stay tuned for the event announcement- it'll be in the next day or two.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. You are so clever! I would never have thought of combining yoyos with tatting, but it's got me thinking...

  2. Your flowers are just wonderful!
    Can't wait to see your finished broach..

  3. That brooch is just awesome!! :)

  4. Gosh it's not warm enough to sit out yet in my garden, how nice to sit with all your lovely flowers in flower and tat, I will be thinking of you today.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers from your garden