Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meet Penelope

Good morning, dear readers.  This is "Penelope":

She was tatted with size 5 DMC perle cotton in color #4120 and is enhanced with a small vintage button and 6.5mm fresh water pearl.  The rose is from one of my Jackson & Perkins English rose bushes, although I can't remember the name of the rose.  It is one of my favorites beacause of its glorious color and scent- it's delightfully spicy.

I will be busy winding more skeins of thread onto cards today and making lists of all I need to restock the Atelier.  This is something I really want to get done this week as Jocelin is on Easter/Spring break next week.  I'd like to have plenty of time to spend with my girl doing all sorts of fun stuff.  Don't worry- I have been busy planning interesting posts for you.  There may even be a few free patterns coming soon!  Be sure to keep your eyes open.

What do you, my dear readers, have planned for April 1st?  This is International Tatting Day- a day when we all celebrate and share our love of tatting.  Will you be teaching, demonstrating or sharing your tatting?  I strongly encourage you to share your gift of tatting with someone.  You never know what you may start!

Well, I am off to get those skeins wound onto cards.  Have a marvelous day!
Until Friday~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Beautiful, I love it, and the beautiful colour, an English peach rose.


  2. Another beauty! Love the color, the motif and the rose!

  3. Just gorgeous...! Such ideas you come up with and then your sharing to is greatly appreciated.

    1. My avatar picture has just stopped showing and I'm trying to find out the problem..! Err...