Monday, March 5, 2012

Yard Work

Today has been just gorgeous!  The temperature is very comfortable and I truly could not have had a better day for doing yard work.
To be honest, I had to go ahead and get some things done before the rain moves in. 

Our peach and plum trees are in full bloom and are filled with bees!  The yard literally "hums".  Unfortunately, I did not get any tatting done, but I must admit, there was plenty of artistic inspiration all around me.

Here is an image of a peach tree blossom:

And plum tree blossoms:

If the growing season goes well, I'll have plenty of peaches for preserves and plums for jelly.

Now, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for something to tat after looking at the blossom images?  Let me know if anything strikes your fancy.  I already have a number of ideas percolating and have made it a point to write them down whilst I was waiting to pick up Jocelin at school.

The poll has resulted in a fat pearl being chosen for the Valdani doily WIP center.  I'll have that to share with you tomorrow.  Well, as it is so nice out, I think the dogs need a nice, long run in the woods.  Have a marvelous day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Those blossoms are gorgeous!!! :)
    I live in Michigan and we are having some snow yet today, so those are very cheery from here. I have never seen either of those before so thanks so much for sharing! :)
    Have a great day!!

  2. The peach tree blossom is gorgeous: looks rather like a clematis flower gone wild!
    Nice to see these pics as we're still under a lot of snow. sniff

  3. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures, Although we have had some nice spring sun over the last week, it rained very hard on Sunday with some sleet and snow mixed in, it's gone cold again.
    Our daffodils are coming out but the trees have not yet started to shoot. The UK weather is rather unpredictable, our blossoms usually come out in April/May.


  4. Oh wow, the blossoms are wonderful. Can't believe your yard is already like that. Here in good old Germany we've had the frosty nights still, but a little bit of spring feeling and sunshine during the day, first spring flowers opening their blossoms widely hungry for sun. My very favorit marmelade is: Lilac plum together with nectarine and apples, flavored with a bit of rum! I left the peaces in, like compote, and it's just georgous!Enjoy the days, you can tat when it rains.