Monday, March 26, 2012

Revised Packing Method

It is that time of year when we start escaping to the woods whenever possible.  The new tent is wonderful, but I am revising all of my packing methods as we have replaced older equpiment with newer, lighter pieces.  Also, we prefer to take my Jeep Wrangler for off-road playing.  The truck is nice, but my Jeep can get into places the truck can't.  As you can imagine, space is at a premium given the Jeep's small size.  The new hitchgate on the back helps with hauling things, but I really needed to rethink how to schlep my tatting and fiber art along with everything else.  This is what I have come up with:

This large burlap bag was purchased at a local boutique a couple of years ago and has been in the Atelier closet.  I re-discovered it this weekend while rummaging for something else.  It contains a "slim satchel" filled with my tatting necessities and a crochet project.

Here is a view of my fully stocked "slim satchel".  It has everything I require for tatting wherever the adventure takes me.  Oodles of Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk & Pearl Cotton, a selection of various DMC pearl cottons, Sulky Blendables, Caron WIldflowers thread, needles, a chatelaine, a couple pairs of scissors, emery cushion, findings, buttons, yoyos, beads & Swarovskis- all neatly and securely packed.  And it takes up a lot less space than the "super satchel" I had been using!  Although I will continue to use the "super satchel" for longer excursions.

This is the crochet project I have in the bag.  It will be a shawl when complete.  I am using the peacock fan motif my great-grandmother used a lot.  It was one of her favorites.  The yarn I'm using is Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in "natural".

As you can see, the crochet rolls up neatly.  I have plenty of room in the burlap bag for my kindle, design journal, snacks and small blanket.

How do you take your tatting with you when you travel?  I am always looking for new ideas and methods of packing my tatting essentials.

To purchase your own "slim satchel", go to Nancy's Notions.  They also have other sizes of these "satchel" products that I really love!  I am sure they will have something that will be perfect for you, too.

Don't forget to leave a comment on the "Easter Event" blog post for your chance to win the goodies!!!  The winner will be selected on Wednesday, March 28th.  Good luck!

Well, I am off to wind some more thread for the slim satchel. Have a great day.
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. That's a brat box for carrying all your tatting items, and not too heavy to take with you on your wonderings. I just use a plastic bag and take plenty of shuttles wound with what I might use and a few balls matching the shuttles, when we go on holiday aboard. We have to keep the weight down when we fly to Europe, we only have 15 kgs so we pay extra to have 20 kgs for my clothes and crafting bits.
    Can't go on holiday without taking my tatting and some cards for embriodering.

    Lovely shawl looks a lovely pattern


  2. I am on the continuing search for "just the right" tatting bag, satchel, or far I have tired several things but am not completely satisfied with anything but my "always in my purse" Eye glass case with tatting essentials and ez bob with white for tatting snowflakes......I have this case in my purse for times when I go somewhere not expecting to be able to tat but have a little time on my hands....I think I tatted about 15 snowflakes last year 5 to 15 minutes here and there.