Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gardening & Yard Work

It has been an absolutely gorgeous day!  The low temperature was 63F this morning and it is now a comfy, warm 77F.  I have spent the day doing more yard work and garden preparation.  It was too nice to sit in the house or even to be still long enough to tat.  Sorry, but I've not tatted a single stitch- yet.  I will make it a point to tat this evening.

Let me show you some of the treasures in my yard:

The forsythia is a mass of yellow blooms and is spreading at a rapid rate.  I'll need to prune it back so it doesn't choke out other nearby plants.

I added fresh pinestraw around the flowering almond.  Don't you just love how the buds are acccented with pink on the petal edges?  Silk thread in this colorway would be fabulous!

Bees are everywhere.  The entire yard seems to hum and buzz with their activity.  This one lit long enough on the wild citrus for me to get an image.

And my blueberry bushes are loaded with blooms!!!  I hope we have a good crop this year.  We had very few the previous season as it was so dry.  The bees were all over these, too.

The last image I have to share with you today is the mockingbird nest-in-progress in one of our peach trees.  I tried to get an image of them bringing twigs to it, but never timed it right.

Tomorrow is our daughter's birthday and I have got to get busy baking and then decorating her cake.  Let's hope I have something more interesting to share with you all tomorrow.  I really did intend to tat today, but could not help myself when I got busy in the yard.  Days like this are rare and I had to enjoy it the its fullest!  Hope your day has been as wonderful!  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. You sure do have a beautiful spring display to enjoy!!! :)

  2. I figure my yard will be at that stage in about a month and a half. Something to look forward to. Thanks for a look at spring!

  3. Thank you for sharing your garden! Here in MN , it's still grey/brown with some snow so it's lovely to see the color!

  4. Oh, what a nice yard. We had snow last week and more coming next week, so thank you for sharing your pictures. I get to enjoy it all! Karen in OR

  5. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden, here in the UK, it will be at least another mouth to two months depending on the weather as to when everything starts to blossom, My bushes of Forsyth is still a long way from coming out.