Friday, March 2, 2012

Crochet Project

Well, this Friday has been a busy one filled with a variety of things.  As our daughter's birthday is next week, I did a little special shopping this morning.  I hope she will like all of her "goodies"!

The next thing I did was to check the poll.
The responses were tied, so I extended the poll on what I should use as the center accent of the Valdani doily WIP until Sunday morning.  If you've not voted, please do.

Since my usual schedule was rather off kilter, I decided to take a break from tatting and crochet with some lovely aqua cotton a friend gave me.  This color matches some of the birds and flowers on a favorite Vera Bradley tote.  I debated crocheting an edging, but chose to do a scarf instead as I have 3 large balls of this thread.  Here is what I've done so far:

It is a simple off-set shell pattern worked with a size 7 hook.  I use this particular pattern a lot- it is a favorite because it that allows one to crochet on auto-pilot!  Very simple and easy. 

The kiddo is waiting for our afternoon "Gin & Tonic".  Jocelin & I both LOVE to play gin rummy, so at least once or twice a week, we take an afternoon to play several hands and snack on something yummy with our tea.  May you have a wonderful weekend doing whatever makes your soul sing!  Until next week~
Happy Tatting!


  1. How pretty!

    I'm so excited because I just found shuttles for Celtic tatting so I can finally try one of your beautiful patterns!

  2. Nice piece of crochet, I can't crochet and I have tried several times, I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday

  3. Hi! Oh please, please would you be willing to share this scarf pattern? I just love it! I know this posting is from last March - but I'm hoping you still check it. THANK YOU!

    Debby M.