Friday, March 9, 2012

Old Patterns Revisited

I thought I'd post a couple of free patterns from my Piney Woods Atelier website.   These were originally designed in 2004 and posted to my old Piney Woods Tatting website in 2005. Hope you all will enjoy them!

Saint Patrick's Day Shamrock Earrings- you will need a pair of earwires, green thread, and 2 green Delica seed beads. The technique used is a dimpled ring. 

Working off ball, string one bead onto thread. Make sure the bead is slid onto the needle side thread before beginning ds. Ch 7 Cl. Use your fingers to situate the seed bead. Dimple R 12-5 clip and Cl. 5+ (to the - you previously made) 12 Cl. Drop clip & run needle through space. Repeat the dimpled ring 2 more times, or if you want a 4-leaf clover, 3 more times. When last dimpled ring is formed, pull threads to the back, tie & cut. I use the picot in the middle dimple ring to run my earwire through.
Copyright Rachel Colvin Jackson, 2004-2012

This is a simple pattern I've used for many years. It is very easy to make these more elaborate with Swarovski crystal beads and Celtic overtatting.

Celtic Valentine Heart Earrings- you will need a pair of earwires and thread.  Interlocking Chain Rings are used in this pattern.  If you need help with this technique, I posted a pictoral tutorial a few months back.

Working off ball, do 3 linked chain rings of 25 ds each. After 3rd ring is formed Ch 27 Cl. Run needle through top of double stitch close to the bottom of closest linked ChR. Ch 7 Cl. Run needle through top of middle ChR ds. R7-7Cl. Ch 7 Cl. Run needle through top of ds near bottom side or 3rd ChR. Ch 27 Cl. Run needle through top center of ChR group. Tie & cut. Run your earwire through the top.
Copyright Rachel Colvin Jackson, 2004-2012

If you want a fancier heart, add lots of frilly picots to the outer chains.  Beads are always a nice touch, too.
There are so many ways you can adapt these patterns to make them special and unique.  Just have fun playing!

I hope to get more design work done this weekend with a few more patterns and goodies to share wih you next week.  Oh- you may want to keep your eyes open for the next Piney Woods Event.  I'll be announcing what it is this weekend!  Until later~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Both are very nice. Thank you for sharing your patterns. Karen in OR

  2. Lovely patterns, I like them both, thank you for sharing your patterns


  3. Thank you for sharing these again, Rachel. I really like the appearance of your needle-tatted dimple rings. Those flat, straight sides to the dimples create a very charming effect.