Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Portable Atelier

I have been a busy little bee today!  Jim helped me dig out my favorite old Plano tackle box that I repurposed several years ago to be a portable atelier. I have cleaned it and have begun to stock it for an upcoming excursion.

 As we love to camp, I needed something that could hold enough thread and supplies for our longer adventures.
This is what it looks like all closed up:

There are oodles of organized sections to hold everything I use for my artwork.  It has 3 drawers- the top two are perfect for balls of pearl cotton and the 3rd works great for larger balls.

The top lid opens up and has spaces that work great for silk and quilting cotton spools.  To the right is a neat compartment originally intended to hold spinner baits, but I use it for storing thread cones, hand cream and various hand tools (pliers, nippers, hemostats).

Pop the 2nd part of the top and you have skein storage and better access to the side section.

Here is another view of the drawers and a neat side "bin" that can hold additional Plano plastic storage boxes.  You can fit four in this space.  I will be shopping for new smaller boxes for my beads, pearls & buttons the next time we get to Academy Sports.  The old ones I have do not close as tightly as I prefer. 
As you can see, this set-up suits my needs and is the way to haul your tatting when traveling/camping.  I have several tatting friends who RV and think this may be a neat solution for their tatting storage quandries.  If not a large tackle box this size, then a smaller one.  The fishing department at Academy is one of my favorite places for many reasons!  Tatting & fishing... now that sounds like fun to me!!!

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Guess I had better go see what Jim is hammering on in his workshop.  It's time for our tea & biscuits break.
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. A wonderful storage solution - very cool.

  2. Gosh you have been busy today, what a lovely carrier for your threads and tatting bits.