Friday, December 23, 2011

Piney Woods Christmas Doily, Part Five

Jocelin is doing a little better today, but I still have been busy taking care of her.  I hope she will feel better tomorrow so we can go to Granny & Pappy's for our Christmas Eve activities.

Well, here it is- round five.  It is very simple, and yes, I did add more to it after this round, but I am going to wait to show you the full effect as I have decided to alter this doily somewhat to suit my purposes with the "Romance" colors of the upcoming collection.

To tat these last two chain passes, run the needle through the top bar of the 3rd ds to the left of the previously tatted picot set of the prior round.  CH 5 followed by 15 even picots 5 CL + to corresponding spot on next CH, continue around motif, tie & cut.  Hide ends.  Now run the needle through the top bar of the 3rd ds to the right of the previously tatted picot set.  You will tat the same counts, but will need to cut a long length of thread to weave and join as before to the corresponding spot on the next CH.  Continue around the motif, weaving the CHs as you go, finish as usual.

Stay tuned for a Christmas day surprise! 
Check the blog first thing Christmas morning to see what "Santa" has left for a special New Year event!!!

To all of my dear readers:  whether you celebrate Christmas or not, may you have a blessed Holy season and a happy New Year filled with peace, happiness and tatting joy.

Until Christmas morning~
Happy Tatting!!!

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