Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Playing with Muddy Bark

Olde West Inspiration
Good morning, dear readers!
I finally got in some decent tatting time yesterday after a long romp with Rosie Fey.  My goodness, that puppy could wear out the Energizer bunny!
Since the Olde West is my inspiration this month, I decided to work with one of my favorite Valdani Luxury Pearl Silks- S196 "Muddy Bark".  It reminds me of tintypes and sepia toned photographs.  The accents I used are 3mm Swarovski bicones in antique bronze and Delica seed beads in silver-lined dark brown opal.  This is the bare bones of the pendant-in-progress:
I am currently working on the additional rows to enlarge and enhance the pendant.  More images will be featured on tomorrow's post.
What are you working on, dear readers?  Do any of you have special projects in the works? 
Rosie Fey is wanting to go for a walk.  After I get her squared away, I plan to retreat to my Atelier and tat the day away.  Have a fabulous day full of creativity & fun.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Those colors do remind me of the Old West, but your pendant will be more elegant than the old west. :)
    I am working on tatted dream catcher earrings for several people. :)

  2. Beautiful pendant design, I have just arrived home a few hours ago, while I was away I worked on snowflakes and angels plus a hanky edging.
    Not sure what I will be doing next possibly more snowflakes, and finish the hanky

  3. I love that colorway although the name isn't nearly as pretty as the thread itself! :)

  4. Muddy Bark, not a very pretty name for such a pretty color