Monday, July 22, 2013

Plain Jane Beginning

Olde West Inspiration
Good afternoon, dear readers!
We had a busy weekend dealing with the garden and putting up our harvest.  I did manage to get some tatting time in and have a little surprise for you- we are going to have a tat-along on the blog this week.  Here is the beginning of the "Plain Jane Project":
Using a size 7 tatting needle and a ball of size 8 Valdani Pearl Cotton in M49 "Subtle Elegance", tat 6 ICRs with the following counts:
ICR 11 followed by 5 graduated picots (sm, med, lg, med, sm) 11 CL
ICR 13 very small - 13 CL
Tat 3 of each, alternating for a total of 6 ICRs. Tie, hide ends & cut.
(For a tutorial on needle tatting ICRs, click here.)
The next step will be featured on tomorrow's post.
What did you do this weekend?  Any interesting projects being tatted out there?  I'm busy working on OOAK pieces for my upcoming Olde West Collection and adding to the Romance of the Piney Woods Collection.  I'll have to hit the estate sales and auctions soon as I'm running low on antique cameos & intaglios.
Rosie Fey is ready for an afternoon romp.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. that "beginning" looks really nice Rachel...think I will try to d this "tat-along".. if my daughter comes soon to pick up boys...I already fixed dinner, so should good to go shortly..husband has a club meeting tonight. But think I will se some size 10 thread so I can see what I am doing...LOL

  2. I tatted this first part and will do my best to continue. Let me say that mine is not as nice as yours, but I am going to do my best to improve the quality!!! :) Thanks for doing a tat-along!! :)

  3. I have the foundation done...yeah me...LOL

  4. Looks lovely, I will see how I feel later in the week, would love to give it a go.
    Practicing block tatting for a new design that I am going to try and do, years since I did block tatting as a bit of practice will do me good.

  5. C'est super beau, merci Rachel pour ton généreux partage.