Thursday, July 25, 2013

Plain Jane Accent

Olde West Inspiration
Good morning, dear readers!
  The main focal piece of the Plain Jane Project is now complete.  Today we will be tatting the accent piece for the project:
The accent consists of an ICR foundation and 3 interwoven chains around it.
Tat 3 ICRs, all with the counts of :
ICR 13 followed by 3 very small picots 13 CL.
Tie, hide ends & cut.
The next step is to tat the 3 rounds of CHs around the ICR foundation.  ALL CHs are the same count.  Run needle through/join at 1st very small picot and CH 31 CL + to next corresponding very small picot. Repeat, tie hide ends and cut.  Do the same for the second and third CH rounds around the ICR foundation, weaving them as you go.
At this point, you may use the piece as an applique or attach the accent piece to the focal piece with a jump ring or additional tatting.  Tomorrow, I will post the last step of the Plain Jane Project.  I sincerely hope that y'all are enjoying this tat-along.  It has been fun to put it together this week in between putting up our harvest from the garden.
Speaking of the garden, I need to go pick tomatoes, speckled butter beans and okra before it gets too hot outside.  Hope you have a wonderful day and be sure to check out the blog tomorrow for the final bit of the Plain Jane Project.  Until then~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Love that look!! :) Will try to get it done today! :)

  2. oh my, I absolutely love this. I have not had time this week to tat with you (busy time) but am def. working on this on the weekend!

  3. Very lovely motif, I just finished it. Thanks for the tat-along, I am really enjoying it!