Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Plain Jane, Round Two

Olde West Inspiration
Good morning, dear readers!  How are you all coming along with the Plain Jane Project?  Are you ready for the next steps?  Here they are:
This is what Plain Jane will look like after tatting the two interwoven chain rounds.  They both have a stitch count of 23.  Begin by running the needle through the very small picot to the left of the 3 graduated picots of any previously tatted CH.  CH 23 CL + to corresponding very small picot on next previously tatted CH.  Continue around the motif.  Join last CH to the base of the first, tie, hide ends & cut.  This is what it should look like:
To tat the second CHs to interweave, run needle through very small picot on the right of the graduated picot grouping of any previously tatted CH.  Cut off a long length of thread from ball as this is your working thread.  I use a second needle on this end to help weave my work.  CH 23 CL, pull work around previously tatted CH, + to corresponding very small picot to the right of the graduated picot grouping on the next chain.  Pull both threads through and continue around motif.  Join last CH at the base of the first CH.  Tie, hide ends & cut.
If you wish, you can use this as a simple pendant or applique, but I have more planned for this project.  Check out tomorrow's post for the next step!  I really am loving how this Valdani Pearl Cotton is tatting up.  M49 is one of my favorite colors.
Rosie Fey is ready for our run in the woods.  Guess I'll take her out for that after I get Jim off to work.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Hoping to have time to get this round done today! :)

  2. shoot...I didn't get yesterday's round finished..and I have 2 little boys today.. maybe when 4yr old takes a nap..LOL yours is looking so good... mine isn't TOOOO bad so far...LOL

  3. It really is beautiful. I finished this round!

  4. Super beau et grand merci pour ton partage;