Friday, July 12, 2013

Muddy Bark Difference

Olde West Inspiration
Good morning, dear readers!
Rosie Fey behaved herself beautifully yesterday and I had a most productive day in the Atelier.  I am working on three prototypes and the Muddy Bark piece.  It is my hope that I will have a FREE pattern ready for you later next week.
After pulling the Valdani Pearl Cotton in Muddy Bark from my thread cabinet, I noticed that there is quite a difference in the color of the pearl cotton and the silk.  Take a look:
The Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk is MUCH darker.  The pearl cotton reminds me of milk chocolate.
Here is a better view of the pearl cotton.  I tatted a simple chain and ring length to get a feel for it.  I love both colors, but wish they were actually the same color.  Guess the dyes react differently with the threads.  That makes sense as the silk is an animal based thread and the cotton is plant based.
Well, I am off to the Atelier before running errands.  I'm still working on finishing the Muddy Bark silk piece and plan to debut it next week.  May you all have a fantastic weekend filled with creativity!  Until Monday~
Happy Tatting!

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