Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sleepy Puppy

Pearls & Lace
Good morning, dear readers!
It is a rainy and dreary day in the Piney Woods.  Even Rosie Fey is dragging.  She will not let me tat.  She keeps putting her head on my right arm and hand.  Oh, well... I guess I'll bow to the wishes of my princess puppy for a while.
Several of you have asked about how I make the beaded circle foundations.  I use nymo beading thread or silk, string the pearls & beads, then run the needle through again, tie a knot- and this is the tricky part- but do not pull the beads too tightly. Then run the ends through a few pearls & beads, then cut.  You need a very small bit of space between for squeezing in your tatting thread . When you are working with cultured or natural pearls, it is important to remember that the nacre (the mollusk's secretion that makes pearls luminous) can be worn off if the pearls rub against each other.  Many years ago, I took the GIA course on pearls and learned how to properly string them.  If I am using a particularly fine set of pearls, I will use a small spacing knot in between, it all depends upon what exactly I'm working with.
Well, while Rosie is curled up in her puppy bed I think I'll put a roast in the crock pot and a load of clothes on to wash.  May you have a wonderful day & until tomoorw~
Happy Tatting!


  1. All puppies are the same, they want you have to please.
    Thank you for sharing how it string the beads/ pearls

  2. I'm glad I asked how to make the ring of beads! - because I would never have known how to do it. Thank you very much for the explanation.