Monday, April 1, 2013

Emmaline FREE Pattern

Pearls & Lace
Happy International Tatting Day!!!
As a special gift from the Piney Woods, I present "Emmaline":
"Emmaline" is tatted with Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk in S93 and has rice pearl and Swarovski accents.
You may make this pattern for yourself or as gifts, but NOT to sell for profit as this is a design I am currently using in my own design lines.  As always, I expect credit as the original designer to be indicated.
To begin this pattern, bead a circle using 6 rice pearls and 6 4mm Swarovski bicones.
This is an easy way to start a pendant.  It can be built upon in many various ways, but this is how we begin for this pattern:
String 18 3mm Swarovski bicones onto silk.  Begin tatting between any Swarovski and pearl.
CH 5 very small - 4 - (with 3 Swarovskis) 4 very small - 5 CL
+ between pearl & Swarovski
CH 5 very small - 5 CL
+ between Swarovski & pearl
Continue around beaded ring, tat final CH, + to beginning, place a small dot of jeweler's adhesive to knot, tie & cut, hide ends.
The final round is tatted as follows:
Run needle through (+) to very small - to the left of any group of 3 Swarovskis, CH 9 CL
+ between 1st & 2nd Swarovski, CH 16 CL,
+ between 2nd & 3rd Swarovski, CH 9 CL,
+ to very small -, CH 3 CL,
+ to very small -, CH 3 CL,
+ to very small -, CH 9 CL,
+ between 1st and 2nd Swarovski, CH 3 followed by a series of 5 graduated picots 3 CL (NOTE- all of the CHs around the remaining Swarovski bead groups are tatted using these counts)
+ between 2nd & 3rd Swarovskis, CH 9 CL
Continue around motif and join at beginning.  Place a small dot of jeweler's adhesive on knot before hiding ends & cutting.  This prevents the silk from silpping from the knot.
We had a wonderful family "staycation".  Friday, we went to Texas and raided Marshall Pottery then visited the fantastic antique stores in Jefferson.  It was very late when we returned and I was in no mood for posting a blog.  We all slept very well that night!
Our Easter was blessed and quite enjoyable.  Hope your was, too!
Well, since this is International Tatting Day, I think I will head over to the park with my portable Atelier, Godiva chocolates and tea and tat for the remainder of the day.  Have a marvelous ITD and be sure to let me know what you are doing to celebrate!  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. This is gorgeous! Thank you! Happy ITD

  2. That's a really great pendant!! :) Thank you for sharing your pattern!! :)

  3. Thank you, Rachel. It is a beautiful design. I look forward to tatting it up.

  4. Happy International Tatting Day! Thank you for the pattern. I think I'll give this one a try in memory of a dear friend named Emmaline.

  5. Such a pretty pattern! Thanks for sharing. Happy ITD!

  6. I love it! - gorgeous beads. But when you say "bead a circle "- does that mean I have to first tat the beaded circle with perhaps one stitch between each bead? - or just string the beads in order onto the thread,and somehow end it off neatly?
    Sorry - I'm sure it's quite straightforward, but I always need things to be spelt out!

  7. Thanks for sharing..! Very beautiful as usual....