Friday, April 19, 2013

Errand Day Again

Pearls & Lace
Good afternoon, dear readers!
We had some nasty weather yesterday afternoon & evening, but were fortunate not to have any damage.
This is my errand day.  The thread I've culled in now in the mail on its way to new homes.  Many thanks to those who volunteered to take on my overflow of thread!
I have several projects in progress, but do not have them to a point where I'm ready to share.  I had intended to have another FREE pattern on the blog this week, but the counts still are not quite right.  I may post it this weekend or Monday at the latest.
Well, I still have to go to the grocery store, Tractor Supply and O'Reilly's.  Have a wonderful weekend and be sure to check out the FREE pattern coming very soon!  Until later~
Happy Tatting!

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