Friday, October 19, 2012

Vintage Juliana Brooch

Good morning, dear readers!
Guess what was in my mailbox yesterday... THIS:
A lovely vintage Juliana brooch with molded art glass navettes and wonderful cat-eye/moonstone like round orange accents.  This brooch has so many interesting anchoring points!  I can hardly wait to dress it up with tatting.  The orange Valdani luxury pearl silk looks fantastic with it, but I'm thinking about going with the subtle elegance as it would allow me to wear the brooch with more garments.  And yes, I'm keeping this one for myself.  It is a rarer Juliana piece and I do not think I could stand someone else having this beauty! 
Here is another view.  Ahh, yes, I am so looking forward to tatting in the Piney Woods today!
Jim is taking today off & we're going to be in the woods working on my tatting shanty.  I'll have to take the Juliana brooch and work on it whenever I get the chance. 
This weekend I will be finishing up several pieces and taking images.  I hope to have some "tattilicious" eye candy for you next week.  Hope you have a marvelous weekend full of creativity!  Until next week~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Lovely brooch, such rich colours
    Have a nice weekend

  2. I had to check the internet to find out the signficance of Juliana jewelry, and learned a lot! I'm wondering how you will attach tatting to this lovely piece! I'm glad you're going to keep this one for yourself!

  3. wow, what color. congrats on getting such a pretty piece.