Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Pendant

Good morning!  Are you ready for another goody???  How about a little bit of Pumpkin Pie?
A size 8 tatting needle with S244 "Love of Life" Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk, 5 4mm Swarocski bicones, 1 6mm Swarovski bicone and a number of Delica seed beads were used to tat this pendant.
Begin with a foundation of 5 ICRs (interlocking chain rings) with the following counts:
ICR 13 very sm - 3 - (with seed bead, Swarovski, seed bead) 3 very sm- 13 CL
Repeat 5 times, leaving a bit of the ends as they will be used later to anchor the 6mm Swarovski bicone.
For the next step, string 15 seed beads on the silk, + to very sm - to the right of bead set and tat as follows:
Pick up 1 seed bead with needle, CH 3 - (with 3 seed beads) 3 CL
+ to next very sm -, pick up 1 seed bead with needle, CH 5 followed by 5 graduated picots (sm, med, lg, med, sm) 5 CL + and continue around motif.  Tie & cut, hide ends.
NOTE:  when I tat with any silk I use a small dot of jeweler's adhesive to secure my finishing knots!
For the final two rounds:
Outer round 1- run needle through seed bead cluster between the 1st & 2nd seed beads, CH 35 CL + to corresponding spot at next seed bead cluster.  Continue around motif, tie & cut.
Outer round 2- run the needle through seed bead cluster between the 2nd & 3rd seed beads, CH 35 CL + to corresponding spot at next seed bead cluster.  Continue around motif, tie & cut.
Using the center threads, add the 6 mm Swarovski bicone to the center, running the threads to the back, knotting them and securing with a dab of jeweler's adhesive.  Add a jumpring and you're done.
 A Facebook friend who has a tatting group assigned an October project (which is to tat something in orange and/or black). I was inspired to tat Pumpkin Pie.  I've done this design for a number of years & thought it was time to share.  It is easy & quick to tat up,  & works well with a wide variety of threads and beads.  Hope you enjoy it!
I'm off to the Atelier- no telling what I'm going to get into today!  Have a wonderful day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!



  1. I am going to try this beautiful pattern only one thing I am a shuttle lady so I might have to adjust it for the beads and put them on the shuttle before I start..
    Thank you for the pattern - gorgeous

  2. That is beautiful!! :)
    Thank you so much for sharing it!! :)

  3. This is such a pretty thread and a wonderful design, using five rings! I also love the star shape in the second round! It's very generous of you to share your patterns!

  4. I am also a shuttle tatter, but love this pattern! Guess I will have to work it out with the shuttle as well! Lovely work!

  5. Yummy...!! Looks almost good enough to eat. Thanks again for sharing yet another pretty pattern with us Rachel.

  6. Love the wallpaper!!! Boo!
    Fox : )