Monday, October 1, 2012

Rain & Roses

Good morning, dear readers!
I had a wonderful long weekend.  Jim had Friday off and took me on a day date to Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo in Monroe, LA.  We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed a gorgeous day at the zoo- the boat ride was especially nice.  It drizzled all day Saturday, but I got a lot of tatting and beading done.  I posted the final rounds to the Fairy Queen pendant yesterday and am working on another FREE pendant pattern to post for you tomorrow.  What did you do this weekend?
As it rained all day Saturday & Sunday, my roses decided to bloom like crazy.  Jim went out in the rain and cut me a few bouquets.
Wasn't that sweet of him!
If only you could smell how spicy my roses are.  This variety is very aromatic- wish I could remember what it is.
Well, I am off to the Atelier to put the finishing touches on a couple of projects.  Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for another FREE pattern.  Have a wonderful day & until Tuesday~
Happy Tatting!

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