Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tatting Component Dollar Deals

Good morning, dear readers!
Given the tight economy, I have recently had a number of questions about how to find tatting components that are more affordable.  While I frequent antique stores, estate auctions and the like, I also scour dollar stores, flea markets and miscellaneous mom & pop stores.  Let me share with you a few finds that were only $1.00 and that lend themselves very well to tatted embellishment:
These buttons were in a small ziploc bag in a local antique/junque store and were priced at $1.00.  The majority are shirt buttons, but all can be used with tatting.  And the bonus items: 2 shell buttons were mixed in!  The 2 hole abalone button would cost around $2 or $3 and the small MOP 4 hole button is easily worth $1. 
These earrings were found at a local accessories specialty shop.  They were only $1.00!  Each earring consists of 5 different parts that can be used- that's 10 components for $1.00!!!   Thought I did good with that one until I saw these:
Each earring has 9 parts and a crystal dangle.  Again, only $1.00.
And these already have a crystal accent in the center and 4 parts on each earring that can be used.  So, what do you think of these $1 finds?  So much is out there that can be enhanced with tatting for very little money.  I am probably going to use these components to make Christmas tree ornaments, pins for my daughter's teachers, tatted jewelry foundations, and who knows what else my tatting obsessed mind may come up with.
Oh- I just realized... this is my 300th post!  WOOHOO!  Well, I am in the middle of several tatting projects and my hot cocoa is waiting.  It's off to the Atelier for me.  Have a great day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Those are some fabulous deals! I think I'll go clearance sale shopping this weekend!

  2. clever ideas, thank you for sharing

  3. Congrats, Rachel, on your 300th post!
    Fox : )

  4. Thank you so much for sharing great ideas!! :)
    Enjoy your cocoa!! I had mine already! :)

  5. Congratulations on your 300th post, I did mine earlier this week.
    You have reminded me I brought some earring singular to those you found in Italy last year, must dig them out. I was going to use them to make earrings

  6. Grats on your 300th post :) and ty for sharing your inxpensive finds, I love seeing how others do it :D

  7. what a wonderful day you are having, 300 posts, and all the tatting accessories. WOO HOO. Enjoy your cocoa.