Friday, October 5, 2012

Pumpkin Doodle & Pumpkin Blossom Earrings

Good morning!  I sure do enjoy these cool mornings in my beautiful Piney Woods!  It has been very good for my tatting mojo.  I have a couple more goodies for you before the weekend:
 2 FREE earring patterns!!!
Meet Pumpkin Doodle
and Pumpkin Blossom
Both of these earring patterns begin with 5 ICRS
Using Valdani Luxury Pearl Silk color S244 (Love of Life) and a size 8 tatting needle, string 15 size 11/0 Delica seed beads (transparent rainbow tangerine) and tat 5 ICRs with the following counts:
11 - with 3 seed beads 11 CL
To complete Pumpkin Doodle, you will be tatting two rows of layered tatting between the seed beads
Between 1st & 2nd seed beads, CH 17 CL + at next bead juncture and continue around.
Repeat the same counts in between the 2nd & 3rd seed beads, weaving the chains.  Tie & cut, hide ends.  Add a 4mm Swarovski bicone to the center of each earring motif using the ends left from the ICR foundation and an earwire jewelry finding.
To finish Pumpkin Blossom, string 30 seed beads and tat as follows:
Between 1st & 2nd seed bead, CH 3 - with 3 seed beads 3 CL + between 2nd & 3rd seed bead.
CH 5 - with 3 seed beads 5 CL + between 1st & 2nd seed bead, continue around motif.  Tie & cut, hide ends.  Add a 4mm Swarovski bicone to the center of each earring motif using the ends from the ICR foundation and earwire jewlery findings.
I will be adding more to these earrings to make them more unique.  They were designed to be embellished further, if desired.  When have you EVER known me to leave well enough alone???  I have to expand, embellish and enhance until something inside me "clicks" and I feel that a piece is finished.  These will be just a part of my weekend tatting line-up.
WOW- I just noticed that I've posted 4 FREE patterns in one week!  See how much I love cooler weather.  Autumn brings out my need to tat and design in a major way.  Hope y'all don't mind.
I'll try to get some better images of these earrings posted either on the blog or Facebook tomorrow.  I didn't get around to taking images until the outdoor light was rather pitiful yesterday. 
My hot cocoa is beckoning.  I'm going to savor it and then get busy tatting.  May you have a wonderful weekend & until next week~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Wonderful earrings!
    Thanks for pattern :)

  2. Wonderful earrings, thank you for the lovely patterns, the second pair look very similar to my blue pair which is now in my esty store.
    Last night I tried your pendant last night but I got to the last ring and then got stuck but I was very tired so I will go back to it later.
    Have a lovely weekend

  3. It's fun to see how you do the 'basics' before you add more tatting! I do love this color. I did the 'star' part of your Pumpkin Pie pendant, and hope to post it soon. I used Lizbeth Autumn Spice in size 20, and it's a little less than 2" in diamete which is a nice size for a pendant! Also great Fall colors! It's fun to tat, and is a good way to keep practicing those interlocking rings!