Thursday, October 25, 2012

Square Component, Part One

Good morning, dear readers!
I got all my errands out of the way yesterday morning and spent the afternoon playing in the Atelier.
While I made little progress with the re-working of those pesky pieces, I did play with some of the square components I received from Fire Mountain Gems a few months back.  (Sometimes things sit in the Atelier for a bit before I get around to them!)
This is the very beginning of a "surprise" piece.  The thread I'm using is size 12 Valdani pearl cotton in color O 565 "Primitive White" along with 3mm "Powdered Almond" Swarovski pearls and antique beige Czech seed beads.  So, what do you think this will end up being?
Lily Fey is at the door, holding the leash in her mouth whilst staring at me.  I think she is letting me know it's time to go for a run in the woods.  Guess I'd better take care of that then get down to some serious tatting in the Atelier.  Hope you have a marvelous day & until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with that square!!! :)

  2. I think that square will end up as a pendant, looks like lovely colours so far.
    Trust a dog to know when it's time for a walk, hope you enjoyed your walk